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Christian Hymns, Praise and Worship and Contemporary Music Midis

This midi listing will be of help to leaders, worship teams and individuals with a passion for God who wish to find Christian worship and praise music, hymns and traditional gospel through midis.

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If you have a Christian website that you would like to nominate for acceptance to this links listing, please do so at the bottom of the links. If you have a link already listed on this page, might we invite you to consider placing a link to our site on your webpage.

  • Christian Music
    Christian musicians, tabs, chords, lyrics, labels, artists and resources.

  • Christian Online Radio
    Online Christian Television, Audio Sermons,Radio and Video

  • Christian Praise and Worship
    Resources for worship leaders and those who wish to enter into a deeper level of worship.

  • Recommended Teaching, Inspiration and Practical instruction for musicians, singers, worship Team members, leaders. Materials available for absolute beginners and experienced musicians alike.

  • Christian Midis

    Recommended professional midi resources

  • Ames Hymn Collection

  • Christian MP Free Free and legal music downloads.

  • Cyber Hymnal Lyrics and short midi examples. This site has over 4,700 Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. You'll find lyrics, scores, brief MIDI files, pictures, history and more. Most midis are 40 seconds or shorter.

  • David's MIDI Music Arrangements

  • The Flock - Praise and Worship and Contemporary Midis.

  • Free Christian Song Tamil Christian Song - Tamil web site offer Christian Tamil Church info Magazine in Tamil Holy Bible in Tamil Bible Unicode Software,Bible in Tamil Download and Message Song in MP3

  • Heavenly Midis. Huge Resource of Midis

  • Higher Praise - Hymns, Praise and Worship Midis and Lyrics.

  • Inspiration Point Midi Gallery

  • Inspirational Midi/MP3 Hymns These songs are mostly piano midi arrangements of Christian "revival" style music. If you like "piano rolls" and frills, you have come to the right place. These songs are in the midi format, which means they are very small computer files that can be played on almost any computer. If you have a good "sound card" in your computer, you should be able to enjoy some truly beautiful midi music.

  • Joyful Noise Music Conservative Christian Midi Music.

  • Lassen Technologies Christian Midi Music.

  • Liederen German bilingual site with modern Christian praise and worship midis and lyrics.

  • Linkable Christian Midis

  • The Lutheran Hymnal Midi Project's Home Page is being made available to all to help familiarize as many as possible with the rich heritage of the German Chorale Hymns.

  • Mission Praise Midi Collection The emphasis is on Songs of Praise to suit all tastes, from traditional organ through to thumping rock beats

    503671: Instant Play Piano 4 CD-Roms Instant Play Piano 4 CD-Roms

    Now you can fulfill your dream of leaning to play the piano, for a fraction of the cost of traditional lessons. With Instant Play Piano on CD-ROM, your professional video instructors use your home computer to guide you through in-depth piano tutoring at your own pace! Whether you're a complete piano novice, or a seasoned player who's been away from the instrument for a while, you'll find the Instant Play Piano software method to be the perfect user-friendly combo of expert interactive instruction, confidence-building playing techniques, and studio-quality production tools. Swing rhythmically from computer keyboard to piano keyboard, with Instant Play Piano on CD-ROM. System Requirements--PC only: Windows 95 and higher, including XP, Pentium or better, 32 MB of RAM, 40 MB free hard disk space, CD-ROM drive, 800x600 resolution, 256 color screen (1,024 x 768, 64K color recommended), sound card, speakers, mouse, MIDI keyboard (optional), MIDI input device (optional), printer (optional).

    More Christian Music Instruction and Midis
  • The Mountain Retreat's Christian Midi Music Page

  • Quality Christian Midis Emphasis on the Quality. Discriminating list of midis with excellent sound.

  • Russell's Christian Page Large Listing of Midis.

  • Sacred Midi Music

  • Search Engine for Midis. Are you looking for a midi to a particular song title? Use this midi specific search tool.

  • Songs of Praise Many of the songs on this site were written by collaboration between Steve Israel, Larry Holder and Elton Smith. This site was originally created by Elton Smith to feature praise songs by Gilberto Barreto. You probably have heard a lot of their music on various Christian Homepages as midis. Please read carefully before you use their music on their site. They deserve to be credited for their hard work.

  • SSongs of Praise & Worship Songwriter Harry Reinders - Freely download & copy our sheet music and share it with all (worship leaders, pastors, Bible Study groups, other music Ministries....etc). You have our permission to duplicate these songs freely for all "non-profit" uses. Please record your use & copying activity in your CCLI song surveys.

  • Spera in Deo Music Pages We have over 100 midi files here for you to listen to, download or transload. A mix of Christian music styles including gospel, hymns, a few Celtic melodies, some contemporary Christian music and more. Plus links to several traditional hymnbooks on the net. Also our very own radio! One station has Christian teaching, another talk and there are some stations with Christian Music

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