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Christian Message Boards, Chat Rooms, Sermons & Online Churches

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Christian Chat Rooms

Message Boards and Forums

Online Churches

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Ablaze Chat Network aBlazeNet is a network with a difference, in our chat rooms we share the love of God, and you will feel it as you stay in one of them. Chat Rooms in aBlazeNet Chat Network are clean and family friendly,

Christian Chat Christian Chat is operated by a small network of families and individuals from various conservative Christian denominations.

Christools Welcome to Christools.com, your Christian craigslist alternative! Christools.com continues to have the privilege of helping thousands of Christians around the world! Help us unite the body of Christ online by listing today! Feel free to bookmark this page and visit us regularly. It's 100% FREE!.

Christian Fellowship Our mission is to stake a claim for Christ on the Internet. Our logo honors a famous explorer who did the same thing in 1492. Christopher Columbus planted a flag upon the shores of a new world for the Kingdom of Spain to seek new converts in a New World. Today we do the same on the internet. Our ministry began in 1995 as Christians On the Net. As it grew, God gave the founders the funds and knowledge to purchase a server and offer services to others doing the same as we: putting decent, moral, and Christ-like content onto the internet.

Freedom In Christ Ministries We believe that a growing number of professing believers are finding themselves spiritually isolated and overcome by trials, temptations and sin. We seek to equip believers with the spiritual tools and fellowship that will allow them to live sanctified (set apart) lives in Jesus Christ.

Higher Praise Chatrooms - A list of chatrooms on the web. (Not completely updated)

Hubz Welcome to our Fully Integrated Christian Chat, Instant Messaging and Message Board Community. This service is provided FREE to EVERYONE! Another Free Service From... Cybergrace Christian Network Many chatrooms for Christians, teens, parents, youth, new believers, apologetics, etc.

The Christian Chat Network The Christian Chat Network is one of the Original Christian Chat Ministries on the Internet. We use an Internet Relay Chat, or as commonly called an "IRC" chat system, to spread the Word of God to people throughout the world. This site is dedicated to giving the Christian community and those seeking to learn about God, the highest Quality chat possible on the Internet.

WorthyChat Welcome to Worthy Chat! Join our Free Christian Chat Rooms and enjoy great Christian ministry and fellowship! We look forward to meeting you and seeing you make Worthy Chat your regular Christian Chat room!

Christian Message Boards

123 Christian Forums - Converse with other believers via a message board. Politics, Prayer, Current Events, Apologetics, End times, etc

Anointed for Christ Church Ministries – a parachurch organization in cyberspace, with visitors from 165 countries.

BibleForums Christian Message Board & Forums Bible study, support, recovery, stewardship and many other forums.

Craft Wonderland Craft Wonderland is a craft chat (message board) and resource community for Christian crafters. Our aim is to provide a place where Christian crafters can exchange ideas, while encouraging updated styles and trends.

ChristianBBS Forums Message Forums For one man who can introduce another to Jesus Christ by the way he lives and by the atmosphere of his life, there are a thousand who can only talk jargon about Him. - Oswald Chambers

Christian Forum We may recommend certain resources on this website from time to time, but we are not affiliated with the sites that we suggest. When we do recommend outside websites, remember that God's Word is the ultimate authority. Please also keep in mind that this is an open Christian forum, meaning that anyone can post. Remember to always use the Bible to validate what you hear. We'll do our best to keep the community clean and remove those not of the doctrine of Christ as instructed in the 2nd Epistle from John:

Fresb Hope We are a Christian Message Board dedicated to encouraging, edifying,& building each other up. We offer fellowship, Bible studies & lots of love. We enjoy discussing the end times we are in too. We have several very special forums including: Living With Pain or Illness, Fresh Hope for the Bereaved, and Fresh Hope for the Divorced.

He is Faithful Message Board - A Christian forum that is made up mostly of those over 30. We are a friendly little group and welcome newcomers. As we are rather laid back, we refuse to enter into heated debates. Instead, we are supportive, fun, encouraging and uplifting.

Metamorpha.com An Online Community for Spiritual Formation Metamorpha.com provides videos, articles, audio, and journals all about the spiritual life. Our goal is to help provide quality material from Christian voices, and provide a place to engage on another about what it means to follow Christ.

My Christian Forums Dozens of various forums hosted on one site. Free Christian social networking site for Christians in the Philippines! Here you can create your personal space on the web - add your worship team, music, blog, articles, church, pictures, create interest groups, chat & private message other members, post & attend events & meet new Christians!

Online Christian Churches

Cyber-Church A ministry of ChristRing Ministries, our mission is to bring Jesus Christ to the Internet and to unashamedly present His Gospel of Love and Grace to all that visit here. While Cyber-Church can never replace fellowship in your local church it is our sincere prayer that we can become your "home away from home" Church and that you will find true Christian fellowship here. That we at the Cyber-Church can meet many of your ministry needs.

First Internet Christian Church To many people around the world, First Internet Christian Church is their main link to Christianity, as they live and work in isolation from the Church Of Jesus Christ. Shut-ins and immobile people likewise are touched by this ministry. So, too, are exceedingly smart college students and others seeking the meaning of life. My goal, upon entering heaven, is for Jesus to take me over to meet all of the "members" of First Internet Church so that we can praise Him together. Naturally, you should belong, assist and support a strong local Christian church. But if you don't have one locally, we can help. And even if you belong to a strong local church, other ministries can help you grow in the most holy faith.

First International Church of the Web The First International Church Of The Web is Non-Denominational, preferring to emphasize the Love of our Lord Jesus Christ rather than individual differences of interpretation.

Internet Church of Christ Here we teach faith in Jesus and love for all people. This church is a visible part of The Universal Church Of Christ, whose head is The Lord Jesus Christ and whose membership is all people who have accepted Him as their personal Lord and Saviour. Visitors are welcome. We are an independent, non-denominational, Bible-based, Spirit-filled, online Christian church. Unlike many churches, however, we do not reject the world: we embrace it, with all of its flaws and blemishes. We do not isolate ourselves from the world, but we plunge into it, trying to make it better for all people.

Online Sermons

Harvest Vineyard Christian Fellowship - Listen to biblically sound, uplifting, spirit charged and challenging sermons from Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

Oneplace Today OnePlace.com is the leading provider of Christian audio content on the Internet. Here's what that means for you: * Listen to your favorite Christian broadcasters, such as James Dobson, John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, Dr. David Jeremiah, Tony Evans, Kay Arthur, Beth Moore, and many more any time, at your convenience!

Pentecostal Sermon Central The free sermons and sermon outlines and our free online Bible Studies represent some of the major bible teaching topics drawn from Pentecostal doctrine and theology — topics such as divine inspiration, Holy Spirit revival, spiritual gifts, faith healing, spirituality, end times prophecy, and the true essence of Pentecostal religion and beliefs.

SermonAudio The mission and purpose of SermonAudio.com is the preservation and propagation of solid, Bible preaching in its audio form for this generation and the next. It’s also a great personal evangelism tool as people may listen in their homes to sermons you recommend on the web, even if they never walk through a church door. All broadcasters must adhere to the site's Articles of Faith. Absolutely no exceptions. Some of our broadcasters include Bob Jones University, Ian Paisley, Alan Cairns, Carl McIntire, Albert Martin, and a host of "classic" sermons by Spurgeon, A.W. Tozer, and many more.

Find more pastoral resources at Pastoral Resource Listings

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