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Christian Disability Resources.

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If you have a website that you would like to nominate for acceptance to this links listing, please do so at the bottom of the links. If you have a link already listed on this page, might we invite you to consider placing a link to our site on your webpage?

Christian Ministries

If you have a Christian website that you would like to nominate for acceptance to this links listing, please do so at the very bottom of the page. Disclaimer: This web ministry does not necessarily endorse any of the websites listed below and believes that we should work within the medical community even as we believe God to be active and working in our bodies, souls and spirits.

  • A & A Worship Ministries This site has many great links to other disability sites. The purpose of this site is to encourage other people with disabilities to turn to God.

  • The Bibles Way to Victory over ADHD and Other Childhood Challenges This free online book provides sound answers on preventing and overcoming behavioral, emotional and learning problems, including ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder), Conduct Disorder and Tourette's Syndrome.

  • Bridge Builders Mission statement: To demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by sharing in His acceptance, His respect, His comfort and His purpose towards all people affected by disabilities because of who they are-made in His image, and not based on their appearance, abilities or social position. To encourage and equip the church to minister to persons with disabilities. To encourage each person with disabilities to identify their gifts and minister their gifts to the body of Christ and to the community.

  • Christian and Disabled mail list An email support.

  • Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities An international consortium of disability ministries, advocating an evangelical perspective concerning persons with disabilities and their place in God's world.

  • Christian Disability Ministry Support This list is to connect both seasoned and newcomers to the Disability Ministry/Outreach efforts among Christian Churches primarily in the USA

  • Christ For People With Developmental Disabilities Christ For People With Developmental Disabilities began in 1979 in the Minneapolis/Paul metropolitan area. Our mission is to share God's love and word with disabled participants, especially those who remain isolated from the church community because of their handicapping conditions. Our activities include Church Fellowship programs, Group Home Bible Study outreach, and church community awareness .

  • Crossroads Christian Fellowship with Disabled Persons in NSW Inc This home page provides details of Crossroads NSW, Australia, a Christ centered Organization for people with disabilities and their careers which affirms them, advocates for them and promotes their integration into, and acceptance by, the community and Christian churches.

  • Deaf Ministries List Large listing of ministries.

  • Christians With Disability: Using The Web For Evangelism The web has created a level playing field for Christians with disability to communicate. It also offers a ministry of evangelism - this detailed resource guide explains the strategies and methods that can really work.

  • Fern's Homestead Support and encouragement for Christians living with Chronic Illnesses such as HepC, CFS/CFIDS/ME, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, RA, etc. We have inspirational pages, original Christian poetry, Medical Links. Also, a *Ladies* Email fellowship to encourage and educate each other in caring for our body by incorporating raw foods and nutrition from a Biblical and scientific perspective. Come to have your cup filled and your spirit refreshed no matter what trials you face!

  • God Doesn't Make Cracked Pots This ministry is a YahooGroup for people who are handicapped and also Christians.

  • Hands Of Joy Ministry You can sign up as member to receive Deaf Mission Daily Devotions daily. From time to time, you will get Hands Of Joy Ministry's updated news. You can check its archive for previous messages and information about deaf ministries' links. If you want to be Hands Of Joy Prayer Warriors, please let me know and I will add you to my AOL's e-group.

  • Head to Head Brain Injury Survivors and caregivers information from a Christian perspective.

  • Jubilee Worship Ministries Jubilee produces quality children's music for autistic, orphan, and terminally ill children worldwide. Newsletters teach knowing Jesus daily, utilizing music to develop their worship and intimate relationship with Him.

  • Inspiration Ministries Inspiration Ministries, located in southeastern Wisconsin, is devoted to serving people with disabilities. Through residential, camping, and work opportunities, people with disabilities are encouraged to live with hope and independence.

  • Joni and Friends Ministries The Disability Outreach of Joni Eareckson Tada offers a very good starting place for Christians with disabilities who are looking for resources and support. Massive helps section.

  • Joni and Friends Ministries A special need ministry dedicated to the spiritual health of children and adults with autism; and to the families, churches, teachers, and caregivers who love a special need child. Established in 1998, Jonathan's Child, Inc. is a non-profit autism and special need ministry addressing your emotional, spiritual, and informational needs.

  • Joy Fellowship A non-denominational church in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, ministering with people who have disabilities.

  • Life Despite We understand your pain and we understand you have to live "Life Despite" the pain. Come and join a group of people who care and who will encourage and pray for you day to day.

  • Luvability Luvability Ministries offers Christian worship services, Bible study, congregational nursing, and fellowship to people with disabilities in the Northern Indiana/Southwest Michigan area. We are also able to provide resources and training to those interested in developing similar ministries in their area.

  • No Boundaries No Boundaries is a new ministry on Valley Forge Christian College's campus. It was named such because we believe that, with God, there are No Boundaries to what one may accomplish!

  • Relate Magazine Relate Magazine is full of stories to help you, the Christian with a disability and the wives, husbands, friends and caregivers of those with disabilities, by inspiring you.

  • Rest Ministries is a non-profit Christian organization that exists to serve people who live with chronic illness or pain, and their families, by providing spiritual, emotional, relational, and practical support through a variety of resources, including a monthly newsletter, Bible studies and small group materials.

  • Rise and Walk An outreach designed to serve those who are disabled and their families.

  • Special Touch Special Touch is a non-profit Christian organization, interdenominational in scope, committed to evangelizing and providing support services to people with mental or physical disabilities, their families and caregivers. Special Touch Ministry, Inc. is supported through the prayers and gifts of concerned churches and individuals.

  • Stroke of Love Ministries goal is to see that everyone involved in a catastrophic illness is Biblically equipped to deal with all he grief, depression, and heartache that will accompany such an event.

  • Sunflower Ministries This Breast Cancer site aims to provide help from a Christian Perspective for those who have had Breast cancer, their relatives and those undergoing a diagnosis of breast cancer, it aims to provide Christian help and support.

  • Through the Roof Through the Roof presents the gospel to people affected by disability and equips Christians to make church and its life fully accessible to the disabled.

  • 2hearts Offering spiritual support and encouragement to all who face the trauma of heart failure and transplant.

  • Website of a disabled Christian man, with links, personal testimony, Christian we-brings, Chat and community message board, prayer request board, and a daily devotional board..come join us.

  • Where Is God Ministries Where Is God Ministries helps people find strength amidst chronic illness and pain. WIGM is joined by several pastors and doctors to help encourage the faith during suffering.

Personal Websites of People with Disabilities and/or Caregivers.  

  • Annie's Chronic Illness/Pain Page Encouragements for those who endure much.

  • Bearyjoyful Personal story of breast cancer is shared to help others. Site includes cancer resources & links, Christian links, Christian inspirational pages & poetry. New pages include tributes to 9-11-01 and American Military forces.

  • Brain Stem Stroke - Joe and Jackie's story. This is the story of Joe's survival after a devastating Brain Stem Stroke, and of his life with the challenges of Locked In Syndrome. A very courageous man who since the creation of this site, lost his beloved wife.

  • Cindy Burgett, Living God's Vision An uplifting and informational site intended for the visually impaired community. This site has many resources which are accessible to the visually impaired computer user.

  • Fibromama's Place Resources for Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome written by a Christian who lives with these disabilities.

  • I Fell Down My Story of Living with Lupus. My Testimony of Faith and renewal.

  • Jacki McI's Home Page Wife, mother, and most importantly a child of God. Good links and resources, especially for persons with Chronic Fatigue as well.

  • Larinda's Homepage of Support. Larinda has a daughter who deals with the effects of Autism and Turner Syndrome. There is also information about Thryoid Disease.

  • Living Beyond Adversity Website of a Christian who has a full life, and who wants to tell others that you can live a full life, even with chronic pain.

  • Living with Dystonia from Childhood to Adulthood This site is the web author's living testimony. It gives viewers a closer inside view on living with a very rare disorder called Dystonia. The healing, and all of the other things that God did which is written in the bible is still going on today. She believes that people should share the goodness of God, and that is what she trying to do.

  • Meeting with Jesus Christ the author, an incurably ill man, tells in a free short stories collection his meeting with Jesus Christ

  • Mommatee's TS Page A Christian woman who deals with Tourette Syndrome offers insight into this disorder

  • My World---Poetry Corner (James W. Magill) I am a published writer (i.e., poet), a person with multiple physical disabilities who uses a power chair, and follower of Jesus Christ as both my Savior and Lord. In September of 2004 I was notified that I was the recipient of a grant from the "Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts Project Stream" (a division of the "Pennsylvania Council on the Arts"), for the grant year 2004-05, to further and support my writing endeavors. I have always hoped that my poetry would lead to a better life for me, and I still firmly hold on to that dream. My Website provides a writing sample, some biographical information, and hopefully some encouragement to its readers by showing what a person with severe disabilities can achieve. LUKE: Chapter 14, Verses 12-14

  • Nita's Notes This couple have not let adversity and chronic pain stop them from continuing to fulfill the call of God on their lives.

  • On the Road to Antioch A place for Bible study, prayers, fellowship, the exploration of the history of Christianity, my struggles as a disabled woman as well as the joys of being an Orthodox Christian.

  • The Unicorn Michael has published 5 magazines and one book of short stories. All of these publications are dedicated to the disabled. He is an amazing individual and has been richly blessed by God through Godly people around him.

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