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I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries - Edifying, encouraging and refreshing.

Christian Resource Listing
Christian Drama

(The) A.D. Players Their mission: To be an ongoing professional Christian theater, serving under the creative signature of GOD

Acts of Light I started to develop plays which were to be done within church settings for the encouragement, entertainment, and enhancement of Christians. Although I would not classify my plays as typical, I would say that they use conventional means of conveying the biblical points that I am trying to get across to the audience. My plays do not use any strange or unusual aspects, no cutting edge artist aspects which have to be deciphered by the audience before they can be understood, they're just plain old characters talking to the audience in a way that they can understand. (Scripts available for a nominal fee)

Acts Theatre Society: Ministry of Drama Canadian - Acts Theatre Society stages original secular and religious dramas.

ACTion for Jesus Free Scripts

Anastasis Productions Christian Drama on the Web Scripts and links to other christian drama sites

Center for Creative Ministry A ministry dedicated to using, teaching and reaching with the Performing Arts, and they're celebrating 10 years of national ministry.

Christian Drama and Mime Drama, mime, mine with narration scripts.

Christians in Theatre Arts CITA's Mission is to impact the world and further the Kingdom of God by encouraging and equipping Christians in theatre arts."

Christian Christmas Scripts A listing of websites offering Christmas & Advent scripts.

ChurchScripts.com Churchscripts.com provides a simple, convenient, and FREE way for your drama group to obtain high-quality church drama material on-line. Our scripts are available for immediate download from our Script Catalog. All you need in order to view or print each script is a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher), available for free from Adobe Systems, Incorporated. All of the sketches on ChurchScripts are now available free of charge for non-profit or charitable purposes. Check the License Info page for more information.

Covenant Players Covenant Players is a non-profit, international theater ministry specializing in communications. Over 110 teams are traveling world-wide performing plays dealing with issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, values, goals, positive self image, ethics and morality. The teams are performing constantly, serving churches, schools, military bases, hospitals, retirement homes, corporations - virtually every place imaginable.

Christmas Drama Skits

ChristianSanity Theater Christian clowning and theatre.

(A) Day's Journey We want to minister to people of all ages, by relevant drama, in a manner that is both entertaining and uncompromising. We hope to present Biblical messages in a way that is fun and entertaining for people of all ages.

Desperate Acts Drama & Worship Workshops (from England).

Drama 4 Christ Scripts, Drama Tips, leads to other resources for actors and church drama teams.

Drama for the Church Drama for the Church is a database program, containing descriptions of over 1,300 scripts of quality. Drama for the Church allows you to quickly search for topically appropriate sketches for your worship service, chapel, or special event. As an annotated bibliography, the database gives you the information needed to choose and order your scripts. You can also customize the database with information on your own sketches or performances! It's a great way to keep track of any scripts. Drama for the Church is a script search tool, and does not contain actual scripts.

DRAMA Ministry DRAMAministry is a christian mime & drama team devoted to sharing the gospel of Christ through mime and acting.

Dramatix Dramatix is a co-operative venture to share theatrical works written by Christians around the world. The majority may be used free of charge, although a modest royalty payment is requested for some.

Drama Share The purpose of DramaShare is, (just as the name implies), sharing Christian Drama Ministry materials and information with all interested parties, (amateur and professional alike), throughout the world.

Dramatic Difference Just as Christ makes a dramatic difference in the life of the believer, so drama may be used to demonstrate that difference to an unbelieving world!

Fools4Christ A well-written, well performed drama can communicate as effectively as any other media. However, a badly conceived, poorly executed play can leave an audience cold and with no desire to hear another word about God. Find scripts here.

Gospelomedy Gospelomedy a funny,comical, musical church outreach show for the whole family. There aint nothin out there like this one.

The Heart of a Christian Playwright

His Company Christian Drama Acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus Christ, by means of the gifts and skills given by Him, we are called to write and make available, free of charge, Christian plays, musicals, worship resources, and instructional books: Committed to the exposition of God's word through the Dramatic Arts Christian devotionals in e-mail, print, and booklet form: Encouraging believers to know God and His ways, and to enjoy a more intimate communion with Him.

Inkspiration One free Christian drama script monthly, and 120 drama skits and plays, providing church drama Ministries with sermon illustrations for men's, women's, and family Ministries.

Kathy and the Crazy Tie Guy: Kathy and Nathan Dorrell are Christian jugglers who share the gospel using their juggling, art and story-telling skills. Nathan is an evangelist and world champion juggler.

Lampost Theatre Co. We are dedicated to developing unique resources to proclaim the Gospel and exhort the Body of Christ. Here you will find ministry-tested material produced for real-life opportunities. Whether you are starting a drama team, taking a short-term mission trip, or seeking ways to enhance Sunday worship: we want to help you convey the message with scriptural integrity and creative uniqueness.

Let's Skit Crazy! Free Christian comedy and drama scripts written by Fred Passmore, with resources available on the site to help in your performance..

Light to the World Light to the World is an on-line catalog of Christian drama scripts - sketches, one-acts, and full-length plays - many of them performance-tested. There are also available, lists of resources for the Christian drama group. Wayne L. Tilden is also available, depending on geographical location (he is in the San Francisco Bay Area), to present workshops for your church group. Workshops include: acting, play writing, directing and Biblical storytelling.

Mainstreet Mainstreet is a one-family Christian theater troupe reaching out to teenagers, families, and adults. Through a fast paced variety show presentation of music, drama, and storytelling, MAINSTREET takes Biblical messages and presents them in a way easily understood by today's teens and adults.

Master Arts Theatre Master Arts Theatre is dedicated to bringing wholesome family entertainment and challenging drama to artists and audiences in West Michigan. We do this for you and with you!

Master's Image Productions Master's Image is dedicated to communicating the Gospel through the dramatic arts. The mainstay of this ministry is the one-man productions that they offer.

Minsky Ministries Christian drama and musical drama scripts. Biblical plays with a concentration on God's Word in verse and principle. Plays are available in full length with complete musical score; full length, 1 hour, monologues; skits; 3-5 minute sermon starters. Scripts available in English, German, and Italian.

Monkey Butler Comedy, Christian Improv Clean Christian Improv straight from Hollywood, California!.

Musical Christian Dramas Dramas that can be used for any size group. Each Musical Christian Drama has an original script, intro music, exit music, and an original background song to sing or lip-sync. Each drama is about 12 minutes long and requires 2 to 5 performers.

OFFHAND REMEDY - Christian Skits & Improv Comedy. Christian Skits & Improv Comedy! Perfect for any Event or Youth Group! Book these Hilarious Christian Comedians and Laugh! Co-founders of Ductape Comedy.

One Time Blind, Inc. Drama for the Soul. We are a small group of Christians with a strong desire to use our talents to spread the name of Jesus Christ in our world. This ministry is aimed at the youth of today. In reaching our youth, we believe the use of drama, combined with music, testimony and other forms of media, are powerful tools that God has blessed us with.

Nailscars Drama One of the remarkable things about the gospel is the way that it can be so easily transferred into pictures. Sure words tell about the truths of God, but when people can see it acted out in front of them it connects in ways that words never can. In today's world where it seems like attention spans are getting shorter by the minute, there is no better way to relate a powerful and effective message to a congregation than to present a skit.

New Life Drama Co. New Life is an active group of Christians from the Boston area who are committed to theater that is, in the words of Nigel Goodwin, 'thoroughly Christian' and 'thoroughly professional'. We publish a quarterly newsletter and are presently touring with a full length Broadway style musical, "Celestial City: The Story of John Bunyan and his Pilgrim's Progress."

New Life Drama Company New Life began when the Lord gave founder & president David Woodrow a vision to have teams of young people minister the Word of God to the church and the world through the medium of drama. Having had experience in both acting and directing professional theater, he used this ability to write short, powerful skits based upon Biblical principles
NoEclipse.ca Homepage for hard-hitting evangelistic drama/music/teaching ministry. No charge to book us. Features SkitMissions, a free script book of some of our scripts.
Oh Manna Improv Comedy It's Christian Improv Comedy that's FUN, CLEAN and ALWAYS full of Laughs!
Orion's Gate Orion's Gate, Ltd. is a family owned production/publishing company specializing in family oriented Books, AudioBooks, Videos and Dramas by Jim Pappas Some scripts for free for those who can truly not afford to donate/pay.

Righteous Insanity Theatre Company Christian Drama for Youth, Children, and Adults, Plus a Custom Writing Service

River City Improv River City is a group of Christian performers who do improvisational theater in front of people who are gullible enough to pay for tickets. (Hey, they said it not me!!)

Rosebud School of The Arts Rosebud School of the Arts is a well established, well respected Christian theatre and performing arts college in Rosebud, Alberta, Canada.

SAK Comedy Improv group that might tickle your funny bone and make you think at the same time

Scripts For Christians Free online scripts.

Silent Witness Mime Team Free online videos scripts. Traveling drama team.

The Jewell Ellen Smith Home Page Jewell Ellen Smith (1915-1998) was the author of over 30 (Christian) plays for Easter and Christmas, most of which are available below by clicking on their names. Drawing on her experience growing up in rural Arkansas and as an Army wife and mother (winner of the Alabama Mother of the Year award in 1987), Jewell designed these plays for church and drama groups who want to present the timeless truths of Christ's birth and resurrection. The plays were performed from the 1970's to the 1990's at Fort Rucker, Alabama (near Enterprise). The plays are usually in a "play within a play" format; the sub-play, which takes place during Jesus' ministry, illustrates and dramatizes the story being told in the main play. Some plays include music, either from standard hymnbooks, or that she herself wrote. All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version.

Stick Horses in Pants -- Comedy with a Kick! Stick Horses in Pants (or SHiP for Short) is a Colorado Springs-based Christian improv group.

Taproot Theater Company. TTC's approach to theatre is based on a pursuit of artistic excellence guided by a belief in the integrity of values rooted in the historic Judeo Christian worldview. TTC productions reflect a respect for people, a belief in the virtues of faith and hope, and the challenge of living fulfilled lives in a fragmented, technological age.

Transforming Stories International Christian Film Festival Humble Pie Entertainment proudly presents TRANSFORMING STORIES INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN FILM FESTIVAL in association with Cape Town 2010 in October 2010! What makes this film festival so unique is firstly that it is the first International Christian Film festival to be held in South Africa.

Worship Drama And Dance This is a collection (currently very small) of plays and skits which you are welcome to use in any activity which glorifies God and seeks to share His message with others. Please feel free to print, copy, perform, display, etc.

Writes For the King Writes for the King has several dinner theatre scripts, helpful links and now, the first ever, a book on human video.

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