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I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries - Edifying, encouraging and refreshing.

Christian Resource Listing
Evangelism and Missions


General Evangelism Sites
Long Term Mission Agencies
General Mission Related Sites
Reaching the Internet for Christ Sites
Sites that will help those wanting more information about Christianity, Who is Jesus and just about anything else about our faith.
Short Term Mission Opportunities
General Evangelism Sites

ABCTracts.com ABCTracts.com are gospel tracts for today with a gospel tracts message any Christian can share.

Acts 1:8 Ministry Acts 1:8 Ministry provides a free program and consulting to churches, Ministries, and businesses for Christians to share their faith through Planned Acts of Christian Kindness (P.A.C.K.)

American Tract Society American Tract Society The mission of the American Tract Society is to... produce attention-arresting tools for evangelism, prepare and encourage Christians to present the gospel, point Christians to discipleship in a local church

Apartment Life Apartment Life is a creative and powerful entry to apartment communities. Today in the United States, over 30 million people reside in apartment communities, and the number is growing at a rate of over 100,000 households per year. In the top ten U.S. cities, apartment residents comprise 54% of the population.

Atonement of Christ The Atonement of Christ Ministries mission is to spread the Good News of the sacrificial work of Jesus Christ for sinners that in His death on the cross, Christ atoned for the sins of humanity such that God is satisfied and reconciliation is accomplished for all who will be redeemed.

Bible Centered Ministries The online home of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham Association The online home of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

C.S. Lewis Foundation dedicated to advancing the renewal of Christian thought and academic freedom within the mainstream of contemporary colleges and universities.

Christian Businessmen's / Women's Association Our goal is to win business & professional people to Christ, and then direct them to the church of their choice.

Dare2Share Mission: To Energize a Generation To Evangelize the World! Vision: To train 1,000,000 teens to clearly and confidently share their faith and to establish 30,000 evangelism teams (e-teams) nationwide by the end of 2010.
Every Home For Jesus The purpose of this website is to advance and help fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave to His Church in Mark 16 and Matthew 28, through the interchange and sharing of outreach and evangelism ideas, strategies, prayers and testimonies as directed by the Lord.

Everyone is Welcome A site catered to winning the lost at any cost for the boss Jesus Christ, using a message board system as their vehicle.

Fellowship Tract League The Fellowship Tract League is a local church ministry that believes the world can be reached for Christ through the printed page. Our purpose is to provide the material that is needed for God's people all around the world to fulfill His command.

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Wonderful organization, check it out!

God - Who is God Several audio and text gospel tracts in several languages, bringing the gospel to several cultures and religions. Intervarsity on Line The vision of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is to build collegiate fellowships, develop disciples who embody Biblical values, and engage the campus in all its ethnic diversity with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Joel Generation Army (JGA) An army that boldly proclaims the word of God and seeks to spread its good news worldwide.

Messiah Ministries are a fundamental, Bible-believing ministry which labors through local churches of like faith to both Jew and Gentile by heralding forth the good news of Messiah's Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Second Coming.

Ministry of Helps Winkey Pratney's site. Winkey has spoken at colleges and universities, bible schools and mission agencies across the world. Apologetics, discipleship, revival, all are subjects you will find on his site.

The World Christian Database WCD provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations, and people groups. Extensive data are available on 9,000 Christian denominations, 13,00 ethno linguistic peoples, as well as data on 5,000 cities, 3,000 provinces and 238 countries. Return to Top of Page

General Mission Related Sites

Amazing Grace Gospel International Evangelism, Church Planting, Discipleship Trainings, Network of Churches, Combating HIV/AIDS, Orphanages and Dealing with poverty issues.

Campus Crusade for Christ International Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. They cooperate with millions of Christians from churches of many denominations and hundreds of other Christian organizations around the world to help Christians grow in their faith and share the gospel message with their fellow countrymen.

Christ's Love Awareness Society To People ( India). Our main motive is to make people who are in desperate mood committing sins to know the true love of Jesus and to preach Gospel to such people.

Churches Network This web site is all about ministry of Evangelism and Church Planting. Our Vision is to see people saved and our mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are non-denominational. Churches Network was started in 2006 with four churches in Nepal

Churches Network Nepal We work in evangelism and church planting in Nepal with program among Children, Youth, Women, translation, Bible distribution and in sports to carry out the gospel. Nepal was restricted nation but now it is secular state. Please step for a moment in our site for exciting reports of what is happening here in Nepal and also we encourage you to be a part of what God is doing here.

Crosscountry4Jesus' Homepage Visit my website for Bible studies, outreach ideas, testimonies, cult awareness and newsletters. 14 years ago, my wife and I and 2 children sold everything we had to "take it on the road for Jesus". We now have 6 children, and we are still going strong, telling others the Good News, and equipping and encouraging the Body of Christ to "Go into all the world". As of December 29, 2001, we are currently engaged in a prayer walk from the mouth of the Mississippi River to the Source.

Gospel for Asia

Partners International With more than 50 years experience, Partners International is a recognized leader in partnering with indigenous Christian Ministries in the non-Western world, linking resources from Christians in the West with Third-World agencies that minister to both physically and spiritually needy people. Sowers International is an evangelical missionary support organization specializing in indigenous missionaries, church planters, and short term mission opportunities.

United4Truth United 4 Truth produces and organizes material that is used to 1) bring souls to Christ as well as 2) stir brothers and sisters out of a lukewarm state. Everything produced is given away for free.

Why do I live? An evangelistic website sharing the love of Jesus Christ with people who are in search of love and care.

Wings Watchman Institute of Biblical Research We are an evangelistic missions oriented agency with an online ministry that offers interactive chat, blog, bb, forums, downloads, news and article submissions. Free bibles, listen to sermons, and much more Return to Top of Page

Long Term Mission Agencies

Arabs for Jesus Missions to the middle east. Mission Aviation Fellowship purpose is to multiply the effectiveness of the Church using aviation and other strategic technologies to reach the world for Christ. Personal note : MAF existence has allowed missionaries to reach tribes and people groups that would never have been reached via conventional means of transportation.

Mission's Hotline An established mission group offers some tips, guidelines and prayer requests for those interested in missions, or in traveling as Christians.

Mission to Unreached Peoples is a truly inter-denominational and international ministry of tentmaker missionaries. They champion the potential of lay people in missions and help train, place, and support vocational workers, often in countries closed to traditional missionaries.

Missionaryresources.org Missionary Resources -This resource center hosts over 40 topics of missions materials from books and videos to articles and discussion boards for missionaries presently on the mission field and those who have an active interest in missions.

Nations for Jesus Nations for Jesus is dedicated to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all nations.

US Center for Word Mission is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization dedicated to furthering the Great Commission throughout the earth. The primary focus of the Center is to promote Christian missions mobilization activities that all peoples of the world may have the opportunity to hear the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Return to Top of Page

Reaching the Internet for Christ Sites

Celebrate Jesus! Ministries Internet based Christian outreach Ministries sharing God's free salvation in Jesus finished work, daily Christian living, with other helpful Christian sites.

Christian Internet Evangelism The goal of this web site is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by edifying Christians and reaching the lost.

Evangelism Computing Library Use your computer for more than administration. Use it to help carry out the Great Commission. There is a distinct difference between 'Computer Evangelism' and 'Evangelism Computing'. Evangelism Computing even includes using BROKEN pieces of computers.

Fish the Net Online Evangelism is designed to help you as you Fish the Net sharing the Good News online, and in your cities and towns. We gather evangelistic information, putting it all in one easy to access location. Tools for the online evangelist.

Joyful Heart Studies Joyful Heart Studies exists to develop methods of communicating the Good News of Jesus on-line, using the Internet as a vehicle of community study.

Lay Evangelism Basic and Advanced evangelism training Program On Line.

Living Hope In Jesus This is an evangelistic Christian website proclaiming Jesus' Word to the world and proving that there is living hope in Jesus!

Romans Road of Salvation What is salvation and why do I need to be saved from anything?

Return to Top of Page

Short Term Mission Opportunities

Campus Crusade for Christ International Campus Crusade for Christ is an interdenominational ministry committed to helping take the gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. They cooperate with millions of Christians from churches of many denominations and hundreds of other Christian organizations around the world to help Christians grow in their faith and share the gospel message with their fellow countrymen.

Fish Ministries A site for teen interested in working with local missions an compassionate ministry.

Mission Discovery Junior High, Senior High & Adult Short Term Missions

Operation Mobilization Mission agency bringing hope to the people of the world, thru a variety of means.

Real Impact Missions has a simple goal. We want to shatter the way you think about the world. We want to transform the way you see people, and the way people see God.

Teen Serve Teen Serve is an organization for teens across the Midwest who want to follow and be a servant for the Lord while going on mission/work camp trips.

Timothy Ministries We recruit, train, and take men and women from local churches to serve as Short term missionaries to fields of service in North America, Europe, and Africa. Our short-term missions can last from one week to one year. We evaluate invitations from church leaders and make decisions based on need, plan, personnel, and prayer. We are NOT a grant-giving foundation, therefore, we have NO funds to distribute, although we do assist our Short-Term Missioners in their deputation work to cover their cost of travel, room, and board, if necessary.

Youth With A Mission . International, Interdenominational short term and long term missions movement involved with mercy Ministries, evangelism, discipleship and training for youth, ministers and seniors. Discipleship, Evangelism and Missions Periodicals and Magazines


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