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I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries - Edifying, encouraging and refreshing.

Christian Resource Listing
Artwork - Painting, Sculpture &; Other Visual Mediums.

Please follow copyright laws and don't use any of the graphics listed on the sites below without first reading their guidelines as to how you can use their artwork on your own website, blog or myspace group.

Amaria Art Biblical inspired sculptures and paintings with parchment plaques of artist inspiration that minister and evangelize with testimonials and ministry link page

Archaic Sculpture Christian Sculptor, Printmaker, Painter

Art for God Our Mission: To reflect the life and teachings of Jesus in the 21 Century... to show the eternal Master, Jesus of Nazareth, in a way that depicts His Holiness, Kindness, Humility, Unselfish Love, Strength, Beauty, and His Eternal Relationship with us in this present moment. People need to remember Jesus laughing and Jesus smiling. Contemporary Christian Art has a huge responsibility and ART for GOD accepts that challenge.

Art of the Spirit Tinidril's fine art gallery featuring paintings and drawings in oils, watercolor, ink, crayon and mixed media.

Art Talking in the Attic Original oil paintings, words.

Art to Heart We seek to show you how you can experience the presence of God in the world's great art, in the hope that this will enrich your relationship with your Creator.

Arta Religioasa/A> Religious personal portfolia by Fine Artist, Christian Olteanu

BibleVerseArt.com See how computer art shares the Word of God.

btownchris illustrations My name is Chris Gregory or btownchris. I love to skateboard and draw. I provide quality, one of a kind digital illustrations for writers, Ministries, special events, products and packages or for any kind of print or web use.

Art Gallery of Ain Vares Fine art from contemporary Christian artist, including original paintings, open-edition reproductions, greeting cards, original oil and pastel paintings inspired by God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Art to Heart Encountering God in the world's great art. We offer inspiring live presentations, worship resources, and guided tours of art museums in the U.S. and in Europe. Illustrative examples are available at the web site.

Biblical Arts Center The Biblical Arts Center is a non-denominational museum whose sole purpose is to utilize the arts as a means to help people of all faiths more clearly envision the places, events, and people of the Bible

Carolina Sculpture Studio Monumental and Memorial Religious Sculpture in granite & softer stones, wood and plastic media.

ChristArt Beautiful paintings of visions and dreams inspired by God.

Christian Art For You Christian art will never be the same. This NEW Christian art reveals God's love and power in a way you never saw before.

Christian Artist and Calligrapher Creative and colorful illustrated calligraphy. Place custom orders on any art piece and browse gallery and commissions pages for an idea on design work. Other Calligraphy services for special occasions are also available.

Christian Artist Resource Creative artist resource to help you uncover your talent and fulfill your destiny as a Christian visual artist.

Christians in the Visual Arts It is our purpose to encourage Christians in the visual arts to develop their particular callings to the highest professional level possible; to learn how to deal with specific problems in the field without compromising our faith and our standard of artistic endeavor; to provide opportunities for sharing work and ideas; to foster intelligent understanding, a spirit of trust, and a cooperative relationship between those in the arts, the church, and society; and ultimately, to establish a Christian presence within the secular art world.

Christian Patterns A Christian web site featuring patterns for embroidery, samplers, and dolls with a Christian theme; plus a Prayer Room where you may request prayers or choose someone else to pray for. We also have instructional articles and stitching charts..

Compelled to Draw Art is for worship, and God's Kingdom purpose. On this site are the works of one artist (Denise Armstrong) who has experienced God through the process of art and other areas of her life.

Consider-the-Lilies Web Gallery Jesus said: "Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin: And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these...(Matthew 6:28b-29, KJV), One day several years back I shifted my gaze and camera downward and looked closely—considered, as Jesus said—the wonderful elements of God's creation that lay at my feet. I found that these lilies—what we call wildflowers, surely, but also "misplaced plants" (weeds), as well as spiders and insects of all sorts, these ephemeral examples of God's workmanship—were absolutely beautiful. The Gallery was established so others might also see the beauty I've found in my field and be struck by the lavishness of God's grace, too—and, perhaps, also consider the lilies in their own backyard, and be reminded of the promise contained in these words of Jesus Christ.

Coriell Studios' Gallery of Christian Art Christian artist Brad Coriell portrays God's passion for us in his biblically-inspired sculptures, monuments, statues, reliefs, murals, paintings, and stage backdrops.

craighawkinsart.com Drawings and Paintings by Artist Craig Hawkins. A visual journal of dialogue with God.

The Creator's Fingerprints Fine art nature photography, with an emphasis on the abstract, for home and office wall decor. We have tried to capture The Creator's handiwork in a way that is beautiful and/or interesting.

DreamWeaver Expressions Original Paintings and Sculpture with a prophetic edge.

Emilia Cleopas This art is inspired by and dedicated to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His knowledge, wisdom, insight and love, by the power of the Holy Spirit, are at the heart of every oil and mixed media painting in this collection.

Great Company The A community of female Christian artists whose intent is to publish, through excellent artwork, the Good News of God.

God's Paint Brush spiritual messages in paintings/drawings that feed hungry souls.

Graced Paintings Art Gallery Beautiful, inspiring scriptural paintings featuring figurative art to calm and bless your heart. Available as giclee canvas and paper prints and gift keepsake boxes and art clocks.

Greg Olsen The art of Greg Olsen illuminates the soul and spirit of its subjects and uplifts the hearts and minds of its viewers. Olsen's diverse interests are deftly demonstrated in oil paintings that range from the realistic and historical to the whimsical. His luminous, delicate portraits capture not only his subjects' likeness, but their spirit as well. Landscapes of scenes from America and the world over reflect the perfect beauty of the mind's eye Christian art, online paintings with Bible verses, salvation, rapture, second coming of Christ.

His Painter Airbrush Freelance artist who will paint on various surfaces. Portraits, t-shirts, banners, helmets, automotive, murals, stage backdrops, etc.

Hymnscript -- Contemporary Art Inspired by Classic Christian Hymns Hymn lyrics are the inspiration for the Hymnscript collection of original fine art prints and gift items by digital artist Diana Coate Wolverton. Free hymn song sheets and other art downloadables, too.

Image Maker began in 1997 by Bud and Nancy Katich of Boise, Idaho. At that time our entire product line consisted of 32 Signature Series Greeting Cards. Artist, Bud Katich, desired to share Gods Creation with others through his unique, mixed-medium photography.

InspirationalArt and Scripture Totally wonderful! A must see page.

Inspired-Art Danny Hahlbohm's official site of Christian art. Incredibly anointed artwork that graces many web sites (I do hope all the websites that his artwork rests upon has sought after copyright permissions).

Inspirational WorldInspirational World full of original artworks and poetry. A special gallery of Christian art.Galleries of traditional subjects,seascapes,flowers,animals and also photographic gallery. Buy prints,stickers and tee-shirts. Commission bespoke design.Buy and view poetry book direct. The poems are bible based and punchy. Up to the minute and life changeing.Hints tips and super links will constantly be added.Invitation pages will also be added for select ministries and other artists and poets.

Jeffrey Wesley Unique & original artwork for home, office, indoor & outdoor. Found art, sculpture, jewelry & digital art. Abstract, contemporary & representational.

Jesus Art Enjoy this Online Gallery of the Art of Jesus Christ, His Life & His People! includes over 100 fine art, modern, vintage and 3D images

Landscape Art by Patricia Wagner with Free Art Lessons View contemporary landscape art by California artist, Patricia Wagner. Free art lessons are included.

The Last Supper refreshingly unique Christian pencil drawing. Experience the wonder of pencil in The Last Supper art drawing! The pencil drawing technique presents the work as a Renaissance painting. Artist is a World Transplant Games tennis champion.

Living Gallery Christian art gallery offering gifts, the Bible, paintings & more Christian art. Visit our gallery for Christian art, the Bible, gifts, paintings & more. We offer a Christian art gallery & the Bible.

Lord's Art Framed Christian art and unframed Christian art featuring biblical themes, scripture, pictures of Jesus Christ and more. Christian art work by Ron DiCianni, Nathan Greene, Thomas Blackshear, Graham Braddock, Stephen S. Sawyer, William Hallmark and other Christian artists. Lord's Art is centered around the Lord Jesus Christ. Every piece of religious art we sell glorifies God and reminds us of how the Lord is to be the center of our lives and homes.

Love Letters From Heaven A ministry of paintings for YOU... the paintings are covered in scripture....For God's word does not come back void but accomplishes that which it was sent to do.

Lovett Fine Art L. Lovett, Painter of Spirit, Spirit of Jesus the Christ and the Old West, original oil paintings and signed prints with stories, art that inspires the soul. Also inspirational landscape and western paintings.

Lyle Trimmer, Christian Pencil Artist Lyle Trimmer, an artist specializing in photo-realistic pencil drawings of Biblical, western, and wildlife themes. Open and Limited Edition prints.
Milan Art and Design

Milan Art And DesignJohn and Elli Milan are husband and wife who paint together on the same piece. They endeavor to create artwork that describes an advancing Kingdom, but is still sellable and appealing to a secular market.

Not For Man Graphical Expression. Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men

Praise Prints Jesus laughing. Beautiful prints, portraits and t-shirts of our Lord Jesus laughing, along with testimonies, links and free pictures to Ministries.

Megazeen Online The Megazeen is the premiere site on the web for cutting edge Christian comics. We specialize in material that reaches out to the youth culture at large with the Gospel, presenting the work of a variety of up and coming artists and writers.

Miroge Gallery A Canadian Christian's gallery of her media currently being offered: stained glass, computer generated note cards, acrylic painting,

Picture Weekly - Free cartoons and pictures. Cartoons and Pictures produced in Picture Weekly are free to use for non profit and can be used as a resource for Bible Schools, Sermons, Teaching, Sunday school, Christian Education. Overheads and church newsletters.

Reverend Fun Christian Cartoon that provides a daily giggle.

Rondall Reynoso People have a natural desire to associate with those with whom they identify. These associations create patterns in society, which are timeless in their nature. Yet, their configurations are constantly in flux. Despite theme of separation and segregation there is a tremendous unity in the work since all people are of one blood (Acts 17:26).

Scott Lee Johnson - Christian Sculptor A gallery of terra-cotta and bronze sculpture glorifying the life and teachings of our Lord.

The Sculptors Studio Presenting sculpture, statuary, figurines and monuments. Along with the garden statuary and statues, you will find other fine arts. Watercolors, oil paintings, prints, drawings and poetry are also featured. In The Sculptors Studio, sculpture dominates, and works in stone, clay, plaster and concrete are shown. Some works are in resins and the newer foams, urethane and epoxies. A few are in cold cast bronze. Metal in welded or cast forms are also available.

Skylark Studio The original watercolour and mixed media artwork of west coast artist Alana Campbell.

Sherry Walter - Christian Artist Vibrant Colors used in my art for Wallpaper and ecards. Lion of Judah, Rose of Sharon, Jesus and much more.

Spiritual and Inspirational Landscape Paintings In celebration of our spirit, these liturgical or spiritual landscape paintings are designed to enhance a serene, calm and thoughtful mood. I invite you to participate in the natural spiritual quality which inspires a quiet peaceful mood.

Symphony of Grace Original Christian artwork by Lisa Albinus, meant to bring all viewers to the throne room of the Father's heart.

Tapestry Productions.com Welcome to Tapestry Productions.com, the home of some of the most talented Christian Artists in the world! We are proud to feature Christian Fine Art, Framed Biblical Paintings, Books & Fine Art Reproductions by Ron DiCianni, Thomas Blackshear, Michael Dudash and Chris Hopkins . Tapestry Productions is pleased to be the exclusive publisher and distributor for many of the artists featured on this site!

Teresa Bernard Religious Oil Paintings and Christian Art Online gallery of religious oil paintings of Bible places and Christian art for sale — including landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, still life, commission art, portraits, and inspirational art. Free oil painting lessons. Also offering professional Web design and search engine optimization for the visual arts.

UnGraven Image Painting with the words (original letters) for every stroke. See the words of the Lord everywhere!

Young Artists Outrech Ministries Provides biblically-based themed painting workshops for the encouragement of artists and the hope of pointing viewers to Jesus Christ for salvation with themed exhibitions. (Age 8-18)

Wing of Colour Drawing people closer to Jesus.

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