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I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries - Edifying, encouraging and refreshing.

Christian Resource Listing
Christian Agencies and Ministries

    Christian Ministry Resources, including internet, computer and unique ministries that cannot be categorized into one specific category but of intense value. Many sites listed began as small personal websites that have grown into major internet resources.

    Christian Computing Helps Computer Saints Computer saints was inspired by the Holy Spirit with the hope of providing you with new ideas to use your computer to bless the lives of your family and friends.

    Evangelism Computing Library Use your computer for more than administration. Use it to help carry out the Great Commission. There is a distinct difference between 'Computer Evangelism' and 'Evangelism Computing'. Evangelism Computing even includes using BROKEN pieces of computers.

    Internet Evangelism

    Misc. Ministries Unique Ministries that don't quite fit into other categories. Audio Joy "Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord." Ephesians 5:19 (NIV) Audio Joy brings joy filled blessings through Audio Love Notes, Scripture and song.

    APK Ministries The desire of APK Ministries is to bring a smile on every face in this world. We believe that only Jesus Christ can do this. God has been blessing hundreds of people through our ministry. Many have been saved, healed, and delivered from demons.

    Believe Today Ministries Scriptures, audio messages, letters of encouragement, poetry, testimonies, Bible answers, dictionary, prayers, the ten commandments and Christian articles.

    Bethel Scranton Devotionals, Links, encouragement and inspiration online.

    Boundless Partners A voluntary Christian ministry, uses its resources to share the Gospel message with those affected by crime and injustice, assisting new and mature believers in seeking the Great Shepherd. By sharing the love of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, our mission is to guide the sincere and contrite of heart to God's Word and to nurture growth in faith and knowledge of God.

    Christian Military Fellowship Encouraging members of the United States military and their families to love and serve Jesus Christ. Encouraging members of the United States military and their families to love and serve Jesus Christ.

    Confrontation Point We provide mission trips and outdoor adventure trips for Christian groups in the mountains of Southern Appalachia.

    Coral Ridge Ministries (CRM) is a television, radio, and print outreach that is touching the lives of millions -nationwide and overseas. CRM's three-fold mission is to evangelize, nurture Christian growth through biblical instruction, and act in obedience to the Cultural Mandate by applying the truth of Scripture to all of life, including civic affairs. Dr. D. James Kennedy

    Dabs Domain The creation of this site marks a commitment we have taken against the sickness of being a lukewarm Christian. Once everything comes together, we will be able to supply you with a quality site that would be quite rewarding, hopefully it would be a blessing to you, as much as it has been to us.

    Desert Voice Ministries We are a website dedicated to encourage and challenge your walk with the Lord. Our prayer is that you leave our website more uplifted than when you came. Don't forget to sign up for our free monthly newsletter, The Voice.

    Dream Dreams Christian Unity, Christian Community, Christian Media & Arts

    Exceeding Joy. God desires to be intimately acquainted with each of His children. This site is geared toward reconnecting people with the One who created each of us with an amazing destiny that can only be fulfilled when we are intimately connected with Him.

    Canadian Evangelical Christian Churches CECC offers Bible College training and Ministerial Credentials to those who qualify.

    Christian Community Relocation Moving? Our free service will connect you with a pre-screened REALTOR of integrity anywhere in the US/Can. We also provide Christian community information, a church search and Christian school search.

    Christian Monitor A daily monitor of Christian persecution and persecuted Christians. Resources on the persecuted Church, suffering Christians and the suffering Church. A call to prayer for Modern Martyrs who daily die for the Gospel of Christ.

    Christians Merging TogetherCMT is about helping people doing situation and circumstances encourage them from book of poetry title POEMS FROM THE HEART.Bring Churches and Communities back together as one for the Kingdom of God.

    Christian777 This web based ministry was born from the need to reach people online. More and more people use the internet each day and spent less and less time searching for God and His divine love for us. Technology, although interesting, has a way of taking up our time and keeping us from seeking the Father's heart.

    Crossmap Christian Portal and Search Engine A fully-featured Christian portal offering forums, daily devotionals, site reviews, backgrounds, and more.

    CyberGrace Christian Network Offers just about anything that a Christian might need on the net.

    CyberSpace Ministry Download a free bible game from this site, or read a devotion.

    EAGLE Ministries Bible lessons

    Feeding His Lambs Ministries Canada Founded in 1984: A multi-facetd ministry of Bible preaching, Bible Radio Broadcasts, Newsletters, Devotionals, Blogs, Watercolor Scripture Art, Tips, Demos, Devotional Book-The Treasure of His Company and volunteer sewing program-Garments For The Gospel.

    Fire Fighters For Christ Encouraging FireFighters to live their lifes for Jesus Christ.

    Foundational Christian Family Ministry The Foundational Christian Family Ministry, where families can build on the solid foundation of God’s word! We are a nondenominational evangelical Christian ministry, dedicated to making God’s word accessible to all! As a blind person himself, Pastor James Kelm brings a practical and realistic approach to accessibility for the disabled.

    Fountain of Life Ministries This ministry was born to serve you. To spread to your door post, the saving grace of God. The reason we exist is to serve you. We have your answer!! Born in 1999 we have seen people receiving forgiveness, healing, deliverance, blessing, spiritual gifts, rasied into high standard of life e.t.c. We have been commissioned by Jesus that you, your family, your nations may not perish but live in Jesus Name.

    Free Indeed Ministries FIM is an nondenominational Christian ministry. Our primary mission is to clearly and faithfully preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples.

    Free to Live Testimony, book, video. Ministry evangelism/ healing. Liesl was committed for life into a high security Asylum, an atheist, drug addict, suicidal, 36+ meds a day, no hope! after several years escaped to Kill herself and on the way... God stepped in. God - Who is God Several audio and text gospel tracts in several languages, bringing the gospel to several cultures and religions. Hart to Heart Mike and Denise Hartmann-Echterling, directors of Hart To Heart Ministries have free inspirational teachings and videos for you. Mike and Denise preach in seminars, conferences and churches ministering the full glories found in the salvation in Jesus Name. The doctrinal views of this web site are fundamental. Based on the teachings of the Holy Bible, without Denominational influence.

    His Praise Maui! Worship, Prophecy, chats, articles by leading Christian thinkers.

    Holding Fast A Christian Ministry devoted to sharing the Gospel with Jews and Gentiles; special pages devoted to the Gospel of Salvation, evangelism pages aimed specifically towards Jews, staying wary of spiritual wolves, creation science, home fellowship/church, spiritual growth, helpful Christian resources, etc; we also have a couple Spanish salvation pages.

    Hungry Hearts Ministries We should be dead - but we're not! Due to Butch Watkins' and Jocelyn Andersen's testimonies of survival and deliverance from atheism, drug addiction, suicide and domestic violence, information on this site naturally touches on a variety of relevant topics. Butch and Jocelyn are writers, musicians and songwriters. They make all of their books, literature and music available from their website absolutely free of charge.

    IAMS Property IAMS Property ministers to the hurting souls within the body of Christ

    I Will Glory in the Cross Returning the church to the cross of Jesus Christ, featuring devotions, Bible studies, revival messages, witnessing tips, and articles to encourage and strengthen your faith.

    In Touch Ministries Dr. Charles Stanley leads this ministry that offers daily Christian radio programs, devotionals and television ministry across Canada and the United States. Jesus Our Shepherd We believe the Bible to be given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, infallible, and God's revealed word to man. (2 Timothy 3:16)

    Jesus Made Ministries This Website was designed to share Testimony with others and bring them closer to Jesus.

    Jesus Reflection Ministries We base this ministry "solely" upon the word of God. It is to to bring a refreshing to churches all over the world, and stir up the gifts in the body of Christ, and to bring encouragement to those who stand in the 5-fold ministry. Devotionals, Studies

    Joy Ministries This site is maintained to allow you, the Web Explorer, a place to find interesting and somewhat unique information. Perhaps in your time with them you will find something that will allow you to grow closer to God.

    Life Changing Love A site designed to encourage and uplift the believer as well as guide the lost and seeking to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

    Dr. C. S. Lovett's Ministry of Helps C. S. Lovett, pioneering author of best selling Christian self help books on health, spiritual warfare, Bible study, marriage and family, building faith and evangelism.

    Michael Faherty Preaching, evangelizing, intergrating. Home of The Rapid Spirituality program,based on Galatians 5:16 which puts an emphasis on doing biblical spiritual activities. The focus on these spiritual activities will cause growth and breakthrough for you in one week's time. It is free and has helped many people.

  • James & Dave Bible Page A growing, interactive Full Gospel Christian site dedicated to the Good News of the Gospel, the integrity of the Word of God, and the unspeakable joy of the Spirit-filled life. Home of Renewal Forum, the Full Gospel and Evangel Web Rings, and much, much more. Let the River flow!

    Life On Purpose Discover Your Life's Purpose!

    Message of Hope A Message of Hope, is weekly sent, for hope and inspiration. Please write, to subscribe. The format, is poetry, scripture, and prayer. Inspired, by the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God. Prayer is welcomed.

    Net-burst.Net At the command of Jesus, using the ’Net to reveal the glory of God, through hundreds of vibrant, entertaining, life-changing web pages. Reaching the world with the love of the One who made and died for it, comforting the hurting, encouraging the weary, winning the lost. Through the power of the cross, lifting people towards the glory they were made for.

    New Creation In Christ Ministries Prayer request submission, free Christian music mp3, healthy bible teaching (non sectarian), links to other good Christian ministry.

    New Life Ministries Sharing Jesus' love and gospel of salvation to a world in need through: Evangelism, Discipleship, fellowship, prayer, counseling.

    Oil of Joy Ministries Find power in God's Word, with the dynamic, Biblical teaching ministry of Ginny Meier, who shares at churches, retreats & seminars in the Northwest & worldwide. Also supports missions in India. Site has free online teachings, mp3's, articles & more.

    Peggie's Place Wonderfully creative, warm, chatty, encouraging, informative and uplifting. Devotionals, hundreds of links. This site is one of the original personal Christian websites on the net that has grown into a very effective and extensive internet ministry.

    Preach The Word A Christian site dedicated to teaching sound doctrine, it offers soul-searching short articles, challenging general articles, and essential biblical teaching and exposition through short audio messages, 'in depth' study series, and day seminars

    Precept Ministries International The inductive bible study people. Jack and Kay Arthur have provided bible studies, conferences and helps for families and individual Christians seeking to deepen and strengthen their walk with Jesus Christ through bible study and practical daily working out of principles found within the Word.

    Prison Vision Mission: To reach those souls behind bars and prison walls. To serve the Good News to all those that are in bondage. To encourage our Christian family in Prison and those in the Free World.

    Small Cloud Ministries Small cloud ministries is the teaching, writing, and prayer ministry of Ed Kleiman. It is our prayer that by seeing the connection between the many scriptures throughout God's word involving prayer, understanding their importance, applying them to your life; while seeking a dependant and deeply intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, you too will persevere and grow mighty in prayer!

    Stepping Stones "Christian" Discipleship Ministry Internet ministry for new believers and those desiring an effective, fulfilling relationship with God and man.

    Three Stranded Cord Committed to resourcing and equipping the Body of Christ in Worship, Prayer and the Word.

    That None Should Perish Home of "Meet the Needs" program, "Our battlefield,our Nineveh" program, as well as various links to other Christian websites

    This Side of the Cross This Side of the Cross is dedicated to informing, inspiring and connecting the Body of Christ by introducing Christians to new sources of inspiration from around the globe. Editor's note: Visit this great organization on Facebook!

    Treasures and Gems aims to help Christian workers in their effort to build a library of selected quotations, poems, anecdotes, illustrations, sermon outlines and other literary materials that may help them in preparing a devotion, sermon or lecture for all occasions.

    Triumphant Transforming Truth School We are teaching powerful revelation that renews the mind and transforms the believer into the image of Christ. Free books and articles are available.

    Unplugged Two young guys, one straightforward and engaging Gospel presentation. Featuring the eye- and ear-catching oratory and musical artistry of Missouri natives Matt Gordon and Ryan Corn. Funny. Touching. Moving. True.

    Unrapped Ministries We have a wide variety of Christian Resources for you and your church. One of our latest features is a Gospel podcast by Pastor Randy. Our daily devotional has also been updated and we have a new Bargain Basement in the Gospel Store!

    Music Ministry for Veterans.(US Based) I give healing heart medals and sing "welcome home" belatedly to Vietnam/Era Veteran Prodigal Son 'big brothers' at traveling walls, biker rides and rallies, tributes and reunions as their 'little sis'.

    Who is Jesus An interactive journey using clips from the movie "Jesus". A great site for those interested in finding more about Jesus.

    WGHATAP Ministries A constant reminder to turn to God and ask for his help in your daily life.

    Write It Upon Their Hearts Jolene Philo's speaking and writing ministry encourages those struggling in their Christian walk because of unexpected change and suffering in their lives. At the site, you can learn more about Jolene, read her monthly newsletters,and examine her speaking topics. You can also contact Jolene via the website or at [email protected] to see if she can meet your organization's speaking needs.

    Xtrememeasure.com A Christian Website and ezine, Testimonial, Prayer board, devotions, miracles, answered prayer, the word the site for Christians made by Christians

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