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Christian Resource Listing
Discipleship, Evangelism, Pastoral, Music and Renewal Magazines


Listing of Ezines and Magazines:

Discipleship and Evangelism Magazines
  • Mission News provides you with the most current, most relevant, most inspiring news about world missions -- every day.

  • World Evangelism Magazine On line Version of the magazine published by The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (LCWE).

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Music and Worship Magazines
  • CCM Magazine Contemporary Christian Music Magazine

  • ChristianMusic.Suite101.com Provides source of free Christian music reviews, interviews with Christian artists, and news source for Christian music world

  • The Culture Beat This is a blog by and for people who love God but also love movies, television, sports, science, music, theology, books, and other things made by human beings. We at The Culture Beat are people who frankly love to talk about these things but are aware that underlying them all is something more important and more lasting than the latest album, mp3 download, or blockbuster film.

  • Feed Magazine Feed - Beats, Rhymes & Light Magazine is an urban lifestyle publication unlike any other. Feed Magazine goes beyond the tired facades found in mainstream hip hop and invites readers to explore positive hip hop. Through interviews and articles, Feed provides relevant coverage of the culture from a variety of perspectives with a strong focus on hip hop and spirituality. Feed exclusively features artists that are conscious and faith based, while touching on aspects of life beyond the music. Feed Magazine also includes additional features on topics such as Reggae, Break dancing, Graffiti, and more. FEEDmobile now offering Christian Hip Hop, Reggae and Urban Ringtones

  • INFUZE magazine Infuze Magazine is about creative people and what they create -- art and entertainment such as film, music, novels & short stories, poetry, artwork, some television shows, comic books, and even video games. We make no distinction between "Christian" and "non-christian," materials, leaving such labels to the discretion of the reader. But we will only cover creative work that has some measure of moral redeeming value.

  • MicRippaz Holy Hip Hop Magazine Presents the 2004 Holy Hip Hop Summer Jam, June 26th. This event is where holy hip hop artist can come together for an evening of holy culture experience. This experience will allow holy hip hop artist to come together as one and praise God to the fullest. Many know that there isnt many holy hip hop events out in California, so for this, we MicRippaz decided to bring as many artist as we can to this glorious event, The 1st 2004 Holy Hip Hop Summer Blast.

  • Christian Music and Worship More Music and Worship Resources

Pastoral and Leadership Magazines and Helps
  • Church Leader Briefing A weekly report of news stories impacting leaders and their churches.

  • Enrichment Journal A journal for Pentecostal Ministry and Leadership.

  • Just Between Us Whether you are a pastor's wife, woman who ministers through leadership or just interested in relationships, ministry and life issues, just between us is for you!

  • Ministries Today Magazine Online Published by Strang

  • Preaching Magazine Preaching magazine is a bi-monthly periodical designed to encourage and enhance the ministry of those called to preach the Word. As a professional journal, Preaching is written almost entirely by those who share a calling to the ministry of preaching.

  • Servants Quarters Newsletter of Gayle Erwin one of the most humble men I have ever heard speak. His newsletter is a MUST read in my humble opinion.

  • Youth Work On line ezine for Youth Pastors and workers, with lots of tips and suggestions for activities and inspirational ideas.

Personal Renewal and Revival Magazines and Newsletters
  • Brush Arbor Quarterly A quarterly magazine with an emphasis on Revival, Discipleship and Holiness.

  • Charisma On line version of the popular Christian Magazine.

  • Christlife Evangelical, and biblical based magazine dedicated to renewal and bringing people to the knowledge of Jesus as personal savior. ChristLife's primary goal is to help all people to live lives of love and service in the Holy Spirit.

  • Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research

  • Joel News Joel News International is a leading special interest bulletin on prayer, church growth and revival. We offer a keen selection of the most encouraging news reports, the most challenging developments and the best resources from over 100 reliable sources in six continents. Joel News International is a great help and time-saver for thousands of Christian leaders and intercessors in over 120 nations.

  • Shulamite Ministries The Shulamite E-zine on the deeper Christian life is directed toward those who desire more from their spiritual life than passive participation. It is a challenging and edifying resource that encourages subscribers to reach for the depths of God, in order that He may have His pleasure and to reveal who He desires to be in us. Intimacy with Christ is a focal point, expressed through an experiential love relationship with Him. Articles featured are from saints of the past as well as the present. Those whose seeking of a deeper walk with the eternal God allowed for an experiencing of His pleasure and intimacy. Subscribers will enjoy anointed messages not giving you another method, but a living impartation.

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