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Pastoral Helps and Christian Leadership Ministries


Alpha An excellent course for anyone interested in finding out more about Christianity, new believers, or anyone wanting to deepen their faith and knowledge. Find out how your church can get involved.

Cells-church Consultants International CCI exists to help churches establish expanding networks of small groups that will "equip God's people to do His work, and build up the church, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love (Ephesians 4:12,16)."

Christian Self-Help and Counseling Resources Links to helpful sites on the net for parents of troubled youth or children. Helps for Christians dealing with severe abuse issues and/or addiction problems. Please note All the links on this page are not necessarily appropriate for children to view as they deal with sensitive issues. Links to issues dealing with clergy abuse and child predator prevention within your congregations.

Christian Leadership Forum The purpose of the Christian Leadership Forum is to help Christian leaders with their various Ministries by networking them with other leaders around the globe. These leaders include college fellowship leaders, pastors, music leaders and others. Problems can be shared and other subscribers of Leadership Forum can offer solutions, suggestions, comments, or other helpful information. Ideas can be exchanged concerning small group, evangelism, discipleship and other programs.

Christian Leadership World Welcome to the Web home of CLM. We hope you are inspired and aided in the mission to reach professors who change the world. You will find resources for professors who are called to make a difference. You will also find resources created by Christian professors

Christian Management Association serves more than 3500 leaders and managers from more than 1500 Christian organizations and growing churches. CMA's MISSION... is to equip its member organizations with management information, leadership training and strategic networking relationships so Ministries are led and managed in God-honoring ways.

Christian Ministers Association The Christian Ministers Association is a gathering of ministers and ministries from various backgrounds with one goal in mind. The association exists primarily to facilitate a fellowship of ministry among all denominations.

Church Link a platform for the development of quality Christian resources on the Internet. A virtual goldmine of Bible studies, leadership training materials and reference material.

Clergy Recovery Network The Clergy Recovery Network exists to support, encourage and provide resources to religious professionals in recovery. If you are a pastor, missionary, religious professional or a spouse of one and you need help...we hope that this site will be helpful to you and that your time here will guide you towards a saner and more grace-full style of life.

Clergy Tax Support This site relates to the unique challenges of American clergy taxes. There are worksheets, many helps, and specific info that will help us to be as informed as possible when we are making an effort to figure all of this out. (Note: This is an American site).

CoachNet CoachNet International Ministries empowers Christian leaders to start, grow, and multiply healthy churches. Their website is an online tool for Christian leaders. One of the most unique web-based training and communication tools of its kind, CoachNet has a built-in reference library with hundreds of valuable resources, discussion forums on a wide variety of ministry topics, online study courses, and powerful, interactive online coaching tools.

Congregational Resource Guide: Resources for Congregations The Alban Institute and the Indianapolis Center for Congregations have created the Congregational Resource Guide to help congregational leaders connect with resources they need to gain insight into problems and to encourage transformation in their communities of faith.

Cook Communications Ministries Cook Communications Ministries traces its history back to 1875, when David C. Cook began printing tracts for use in his Sunday school classes in Chicago. As a nonprofit organization, Cook is committed to distributing culturally relevant materials as well as developing indigenous Christian publishers around the world. As a result, Cook materials have been translated into over 120 different languages and are currently being used across the globe.

Crocus Ministries The aims of Crocus (a British ministry) are to develop, release and empower the leaders from all churches by providing rest, intercession and training, which will allow them to develop personal strength through the Holy Spirit.

Daily Christian Quotes. Extensive Christian inspirational thoughts and maxims via email subscription or search the extensive archives.

Dead Sea Scrolls Ancient scrolls of special importance to bible scholars around the world.

Equip: Equipping Leaders To Reach Our World Our Vision - to see effective Christian leaders fulfill the Great Commission in every nation. Our Mission - to equip international Christian leaders through conferences, resources, partnerships and technology. Our Objective is to develop one million effective international church leaders by 2008.

Family, Men, Women, Marriage, Youth and Children Resources; Includes sites that help troubled marriages and children, positive sites that help keep healthy marriages healthy, leads to safe sites on the net for children of all ages and pastoral ideas for youth. Resources of interest to men and for women, online support and fellowship

The Fuller Institute for Recovery Ministry The purpose of the Institute is to train, support and encourage pastors, missionaries, chaplains and lay leaders who are actively engaged in recovery ministry.

Help For Shepherds A free community run website for pastors to submit their ideas and use ideas and resources created by other leaders. Message ideas, commentary, Lectionary resources, skits, essays and more.

Ken Collins Web Ministries A well organized website full of rich content from a compassionate man.

Kingdom Careers-New Standard in Church and Ministry Careers Placement We are an online service which allows churches to post job openings and access a database of qualified resumes. Seekers can view all open positions and post their resume online free of charge.

Leadership Network Our mission is to accelerate the emergence of effective churches. Effective churches develop leadership teams; equip and deploy the people of God for service; understand and engage the culture; build authentic community; and achieve missional impact.

Liturgy A website serving individuals and communities seeking to have worship and spirituality that is vital, transforming, and faithful.

Living Words Coaching and Training for Ministry staff Are you interested in personal development as a Christian minister? Do you feel stuck at a vital point where you need to grow? On this site you can find articles, and information about Christian coaching and personal growth.

Man In The Mirror At Man in the Mirror we are driven by our belief that men in America must be reached with a credible offer of Jesus Christ.

Maranatha Life he primary focus of Maranatha Life is to minister to pastors and other ministers throughout the world in the following ways:Provide an apostolic spiritual covering, and spiritual "fatherhood" for pastors and ministers. This is a formal personal relationship between the pastor, or minister and Maranatha Life. Provide training to pastors, ministers and church leaders through whatever means (conferences, seminars, radio, television, bible school, and printed material). Supporting the work of those pastors and ministers that are under our spiritual covering.

Ministry Letters Copy, Paste, Modify, Send! Church Letters for Pastors and Secretaries on a variety of topics. Limited free content.

Ministry Search Ministry Search is a classified ad job listing designed to bring ministers and Ministries together.

Online Seminary Schools Our site offers a wealth of information for students looking to become a clergy member, an ordained minister, religious teacher, pastor, and other related careers. We also connect students to accredited degree programs, making it easy to find the right program that meets their unique needs and goals.

Outreach Canada Church planting in Canada

Parsonage (The) A homepage for pastors and their families, a ministry of Focus on the Family. The focus is on building and keeping strong marriages and interpersonal relationships within a pastoral family.

Pastors Providing purpose-driven sermon transcripts, outlines, audio tapes, leadership lessons, books and free articles to pastors and ministers for growing a healthy church. Pastors.com is the resource outlet for Rick Warren, pastor of the 2nd largest church in the United States and the award-winning author of 'The Purpose-Driven Church' book

Pastoral Search Network is a Christian service devoted to helping Evangelical churches in their search for a pastor or ministerial staff.

The Pastors Retreat Network The Pastors Retreat Network exists to enrich the lives and ministry of individuals and couples engaged in fulltime pastoral Christian ministry. We provide a retreat experience for Christian pastors, strengthening them through self-directed programs that focus on experiencing God and Jesus Christ through the Scriptures in settings that invite them into the presence of God.

Pastor's Wives Thriving in the Fish Bowl For the wives of pastors missionaries, ministers or any other position of leadership within the church.

Resource Ministries International Mission: Equip Gods people for service. This involves an emphasis not only on training full-time ministers, but equipping believers to function as support Ministries in their local churches and represent the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence. Work alongside, support, and encourage national Ministries in developing countries, identifying key men and women of God in the nations we serve, and helping to equip them to be able to reach their own people.

Resource Ministries International Mission: Equip Gods people for service. This involves an emphasis not only on training full-time ministers, but equipping believers to function as support Ministries in their local churches and represent the Kingdom of God in their sphere of influence. Work alongside, support, and encourage national Ministries in developing countries, identifying key men and women of God in the nations we serve, and helping to equip them to be able to reach their own people.

Sonlife Sonlife Ministries serves the church locally and globally, by training leaders in youth ministry, church ministry, and women in ministry for effective leadership based on the life and ministry priorities of Jesus Christ. Calling emerging leaders to encounter Christs person, express His passion and extend His global mission through His church. Sonlife WOMEN in MINISTRY offers 60 hours of training for women leaders in ministry.

Trinity Institute of Leadership We are a non-profit organisation whose mission is to provide and produce leadership resources to Christian leaders for the continued growth of the Kingdom of God. Its vision is to deliver those resources effectively and efficiently to Christian leaders throughout the world.

USA Churches Online database of churches within the United States. (An American site)

Vineyard Bible Institute The vision of the Vineyard Bible Institute (VBI) is to provide training for lay leaders utilizing the best teaching materials available in the Vineyard movement.

Women's Ministry Leading Ministry For Leading Women. The Women's Ministry Network exists to enhance the efforts of Christian women and organizations whose calling is to evangelize, build-up, and mobilize women across the globe, for the sake of the Gospel.

The World Christian Database WCD provides comprehensive statistical information on world religions, Christian denominations, and people groups. Extensive data are available on 9,000 Christian denominations, 13,000 ethno linguistic peoples, as well as data on 5,000 cities, 3,000 provinces and 238 countries.

Women's Ministry Online

Pastoral, Youth Work and Leadership Periodicals and Magazines

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