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I Lift My Eyes Ministries and its satellite ministries - Praying for the Prodigals, Encouraging Bible Quotes, Daily Christian Quotes and Blessings of Christmas - value you and your personal privacy. As such, ILME does not collect or store personal information that would identify you by name, address or location. We do not pass on any information to third parties.

Cookies: Cookies are used by almost every website you visit on the net to help the webmasters in designing and creating sites that are helpful, informative and relevant to those who visit. From CNN to a local newspaper's website, from a major Christian ministry to a small personal blog, you are apt to come across a 'cookie'. A cookie is not a virus, it is not spyware and it is definitely not malicious or invasive of your personal information. It is a simple .txt file that is easily removed from your web browser (See your individual web browser's help sections for instructions). It's a good idea to clear out these cookies every few weeks.

ILME cautions that if you visit less than reputable websites (those selling illegal downloads, porn, illegal copies of software, occultic sites, etc,) you stand a good risk of being infected by viruses implanted in the downloads on their sites or even viruses that are planted into the actual code of these 'shady sites'. However, even their cookies can't infect your computer.

While ILME does use cookies, these cookies do not in themselves gather any information beyond what web pages you visited on site, your ISP and at what time you visited. ILME has no way of knowing exactly where your ISP is located but ILME will use that number to ban troublemakers if they happen to try to invade or hack the ministry and its website.

ILME's cookies do not gather or store the same information that a cookie from Amazon.com or Ebay might store when you purchase on their sites. They only have this information if you give it to them, by ordering information on their sites. All reputable websites will NOT sell your information to other agencies without your permission. Be careful when registering with any website, make sure to click 'NO' to any such request. Check out their privacy policies for more information.

ILME has absolutely no way of knowing who you are or where you are from, we do not have the funds nor do we have the motivation to have such complex systems on our website.

To read more about cookies and if you wish, how to block your web browser from allowing cookies to be accepted, please check out this webpage .

Our search engine is supplied by Google. Their search privacy policies are clearly stated on their website. When you use their search engine, no matter if it be from a website like ours or by visiting their own website, their policies remain the same.

To protect your personal privacy on line, we recommend you read our articles on internet safety and email privacy

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