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I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries - Edifying, encouraging and refreshing.

Christian Resource Listing
Global Christian Renewal and Revival Websites

  • Abiding In The Healing Word If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then you've come to the right place! This site is loaded with "Good News" just for you. No longer do you have to continue through life being oppressed and afflicted by sickness and disease. Through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, health and healing are just waiting for you to lay hold of them by faith!

  • Abiding Ministries As a prophetic minister, Don has a powerful message of intimacy with Christ that releases value, dignity and destiny into people’s lives. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, the gift of prophecy, words of knowledge and divine healing are present during ministry.

  • Bambous Assembly Of God. Revival, Refreshing, Renewal, Restoration Of The Book Of Acts. Come To The River Of God. Let The Fire Falls ! And The Wind Blows !For It's Time For Revival

  • Battle-Focused For Christians, spiritual warfare should not be separated from our mission to make disciples of all nations. We are in a spiritual battle for the eternal souls of all humanity. Not simply securing a place in heaven after death, but redeeming this lifetime by yielding our lives to the work of our Lord Jesus continued in us and through us. Our enemy, the devil, fights against us every moment.

  • Bible Quotes About Healing

  • Blowing the Shofar Ministries. Bill Yount's calling is to encourage the Body of Christ to move forward into God's Destiny as they are sent into the Harvest field.

  • Bob Jones One of the leading Prophetic voices of our day.

  • Boyson Ministries Victoria Boyson. Here you will find many Christian resources to assist you in your daily relationship with Jesus Christ,

  • Bride of Christ Ministries A testimony to the saving grace of the Lord through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • Carol Jackson Ministries Carol Jackson Ministries was called into existence by God to bring healing, deliverance, maturity, and wholeness to the Body of Christ. Poetry and creative writing is also found at this site.

  • Elijah List Our purpose is to dispense some of the more significant words we encounter of what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church today. It is then up to you, the individual, to discern and/or "judge" the word FOR YOURSELF if it's from the Lord.

  • Exploring The Vision International Undrai & Bridget Fizer. Significant Destiny will ignite Significant Purpose, from which the whole world will see God in a brand new dimension

  • Fires of Revival The purpose of FIRES OF REVIVAL is to help bring each person into a real and vital relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.'

  • Francis Frangipane articles and news from a very humble man with a dynamic ministry and vision.

  • Gary Oates Ministries Gary and Kathi Oates, very respected pastors known for their down-to-earth, levelheaded style of ministry, asked God to open their eyes to see more into the supernatural. Their prayers were dramatically answered when they joined Randy Clark on a missions trip to Brazil. During the trip, Gary and Kathi had a supernatural encounter with God and angelic beings that would catapult them into a whole new realm of ministry. Today, Gary and Kathi travel the world using their unique gift in the area of discerning angelic activities to bring salvation, healing, and deliverance.

  • Gatekeepers Gatekeepers is a servant ministry entrusted to Catherine Brown with a vision to serve the Body of Christ and the lost through the active promotion and encouragement of prayer, worship and evangelism/mission. The ministry is accountable to a council of reference. The vision for Gatekeepers has a strong emphasis on children and young people, but embraces the whole church across denominational lines and through all areas of social and cultural strata.

  • God Channel TV The GOD Channel offers a new breed of international Christian programming, including cutting-edge conferences, in depth interviews and youth and music shows, featuring prominent Christian leaders and artists from around the world. Watch online! Rory and Wendy Alec
  • Global Awakening World wide ministry headed up by Randy Clark, pastor of St. Louis Mo Vineyard. Read some incredible reports of God's healing power!

  • Global Harvest Ministries Jesus' commission to His disciples is clear: make disciples of the peoples of earth. Today, a mighty wave of prayer has gone forth to see this commission fulfilled - every people group and nation hearing and receiving the Good News of Jesus Christ. As C. Peter Wagner says, "The world-wide prayer movement is out of control!"

  • Global Resource Ministries Hosts several organizations and churches involved with the wave of renewal within the Christian church world wide, and evangelism.

  • Glory of Zion Ministries. International Ministries of Dr. Chuck Pierce and the activities of the Glory of Zion Outreach Center.

  • God's Healing Word Was it God or man who ended spiritual healing in the body of Christ? God's Healing Word offers a free newsletter devoted to the spiritual healingof the sick in Christ.

  • Good News Ministries. David and Kathie Walters. Raising a generation of anointed children and youth with signs and wonders. Using world wide seminars, books, audio, and video tapes. We are living in the day when God is about to release His glory. The supernatural realm of the Holy Spirit is our inheritance. God did not intend that we would just have religious head-knowledge, although we should know the Scriptures.

  • Gratefully Grafted Ministries There are three things on the heart of God which affect all that He does; His passion for the Bride, His zeal for the harvest, and His love and purpose for Israel. The Church, His own Body, is called to work together with Him as He restores His ancient people and is glorified in them again.

  • Healing Rooms Movement We minister: * A Salvation Message * The Healing Word * The Anointing that Empowers the Word* Prayer and Deliverance of the Sick * An Impartation for Healing to the Local Church. We are excited about what God is doing in the church in this hour around the world. We feel that there is no price too great to pay to be part of it; our cry is - More Lord!

  • Identity Network, Inc. We are an apostolic and prophetic resource website. We have hundreds of books and teaching tapes on the prophetic move of God.

  • Impart Ministries Through building enduring relationships with pastors, churches, and Christian leaders, they endeavor to provide prophetic insight and practical teaching throughout the body of Christ.

  • Iris Ministries Russell and Heidi Baker oversee several vibrant and vital mission projects including orphanages in Africa. They trust a miracle-working God and Heidi has a thriving ministry, reaching out with the message of sure faith and passion for Christ in many conferences across the world.

  • Isaiah 54 Ministries We are a ministry of reconciliation. Reconciliation between man and God, and between man and his fellow man through the Christian disciplines of Worship, Inner Healing and spiritual Warfare. We offer teaching curriculum in these disciplines.

  • Jesus Army - Jesus People - Loving People Welcome to the Jesus Army pages. The Jesus Army (Jesus Fellowship Church) is a UK-based evangelical Christian church with a charismatic emphasis.

  • Kim Clement Kim's prophetic ministry reaches countless people as he travels around the world to reveal the heartbeat of God in tragedy and triumph, good times and bad, war and peace, in democratic or theocratic circles, crossing all cultural barriers by communicating Gods feelings for them.

  • Land of miracles The This website is primarily, but not exclusively, devoted to miracle testimonies and how to learn how to lay hands on the sick and see them recover.

  • Liberated Living Ministries John and Beverley Sheasby. The call of God to John is to minister liberty to the body of Christ through personal restoration and liberation from unforgiveness, past hurts, tradition and ignorance that keeps the Body from expressing the resurrection life of Jesus that has been deposited within every believer. John has a strong message of the grace and goodness of God guaranteed to His people in the New Covenant, sealed in the blood of Jesus that brings freedom from the shackles of legalism, performance, sin, sickness and poverty.

  • Mary Alice Isleib Our goal here at MAIM is to build, strengthen and support God's people by providing spiritual development and personal growth through prayer and emotional wholeness.

  • Master Potter Ministries - Jill Austin Training and equipping believers to move in the anointing and prophetic gifting, releasing impartation and unlocking destiny, and bringing fresh passion and hunger for Jesus.

  • Matt Sorger Ministries Matt Sorger travels in an itinerant, evangelistic ministry throughout America and the nations of the world. His vision is to see the harvest brought into the Kingdom of God through power evangelism with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Word. His ministry is also used to help spread the fires of revival and ignite a fresh passion in the hearts of believers to go deeper in their relationship with God. His vision is to see a new wave of healing revival sweep across this nation and the nations of the world.

  • New Zealand Revival Bulletin Find out what God is doing in New Zealand and read some excellent articles!

  • Northwest Revival News .

  • Open Heaven OpenHeaven.com is seeking to change with the church in seeking the kingdom of God first and that means seeking King Jesus above all else. (International Revival Network)

  • Pentecostal Research Association The Pentecostal Research Fellowship has been established to serve Pentecostal Christians and those interested in Pentecostal issues. It is intended to act as a forum for developing analysis, discussion and interaction concerning issues relating to Pentecostalism. There is a need and desire to ensure that the biblical, theological and socio-pastoral areas are not overlooked. Indeed, these are fundamental in importance to the ongoing development of the Church, including the Pentecostal wing. The PCRF has been established in order to pursue these objectives.

  • Pentecostal tongues theology This site proves, by useing the Scriptures, that tongues and prophecies are for the church today.

  • (Derek) Prince Mr. Prince is one of the fathers of the charismatic movement across the world, now in his 80's his ministry still flourishes, and his integrity and insights are much needed in today's world.

  • Quotes through the Ages on the Subject of Christian Revival

  • Revival Library Home to the largest collection of digitized revival texts on the World Wide Web.

  • Revival Ministries International Web Site of Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, missionary/evangelist to America from South Africa.

  • Revival Now News and encouraging helps for those churches or individuals seeking personal and corporate renewal, and whose hearts are turned towards revival. Wes and Stacey Campbell

  • Richard Riss's Revival Pages This home page serves as a source for information bearing upon Revival and Christianity in general.

  • River Connection Ministries RCM is about taking His people into a place of intimacy with their Father in Heaven. Our Father desires that we know Him as a Daddy, our Daddy. (Romans 8:15-16.) Our Daddy desires that we all draw near His throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16) and allow Him to pour His love into us. He so desperately desires for His children to come to know Him as He is: A Daddy, ever extending His love toward us individually.

  • Rivers of Eden Debra and Marvin Westbrook. Rivers of Eden is called to: Establish platforms of God's glory throughout the nations of the world, impart God's Word in power and passion, impact the Body of Christ with a greater revelation of Intimacy, Identity, and Authority, awaken and challenge the Body of Christ with a call to radical Christianity.

  • Rivers of Living Water The Rivers of Living Water School of Ministry is committed to the equipping and training of future Christian leaders with the knowledge and practical experience needed for effective ministry.

  • Servants of Jesus Revival Hungry, thirsty and needy for more of the Lord? Come and get some fresh touch from God. God is on the move all over the world, including the Philippines!

  • Snow White Wings, The Healing Room Jesus still heals today at Snow White Wings, On-Line The Healing Room. Prayer Post Forum

  • Society for Pentecostal Studies The purpose of this Society shall be to provide a forum of discussion for all academic disciplines as a service to the kingdom of God by the implementation of the following objectives: 1. To stimulate, encourage, recognize, and publicize the work of Pentecostal scholars; 2. To study the implications of Pentecostal theology in relation to other academic disciplines, seeking a Pentecostal world-and-life view.

  • Spirit of Glory Ministries, An Internet Ministry where we believe in Signs and Wonders and Miracles We Believe that God is the one true God and that He is the Father of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe salvation through Jesus is the only way to Heaven! And, the Holy Spirit indwells each believer and empowers each believer to carry out the ministry of Jesus until his return.

  • Spiritual Warfare Ministries is to work in the Lord's authority and power to set the captives free and expose the enemy's work.

  • Streams Ministries John Paul Jackson, one of the leading prophetic voices in our day. He was powerfully used by God in my own life.

  • Watch of the Lord Mahesh Chavda - an intercessor who has organized and inspired others to organize prayer watches for their churches, cities, countries, and for the world.

  • White Dove Ministries Paul Keith and Wanda Davis and Shawn Bolz. WhiteDove Ministries has been challenged by the Lord to help others achieve their highest purposes in God for which they were wonderfully and uniquely created. We currently sponsor an intern program for young people enrolled from the U.S. and many foreign nations.
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