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Please read the following guidelines VERY carefully: Your site submission will not be approved unless it fits in with the following:

We only invite totally free Christian sites to submit a link. Approximately once a month, we will review the links below and add them to the permanent links directory. At that time, we will contact you, if you leave a valid email address, only if we added your link to the permanent collection. We reserve the right to remove any sites that we feel in our best judgement do not fit the mandate of our site as follows:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true,
whatever is noble, whatever is right,
whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable
- if anything is excellent or praiseworthy -
think about these things Phil 4:8

At this time we do not accept sites that are strictly commercial and do not provide free services, teaching or content. For example: We cannot include Christian e-book websites that don't offer free content or websites of recording artists without any free teaching material or complete mp3 that are free. Your site MUST have substantial free informative content in order to be in our listing. Promotional material about your musical talent does not count as 'free content'.

Concerning non-Christian sites only: We will consider non-Christian sites for our disability section only and only as long as your site contains no get-rich schemes, pornography or anything an average Christian would find offensive to read. Your non-Christian site must be of specific interest to the needs of the disabled in order to fit into this special category.

Looking to get more visitors to your commercial website? Read this free article (We aren't selling anything!)

Please make sure to place your site under the proper category. We would ask that you consider adding I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries to your links page if you have one but it is not mandatory.



Include your own EMAIL or the contact email for your ministry.

Include the title of your website or the name of your ministry.
For example: Website for God, Joe's Ministry Site, Praying for You, etc

Include the full address *URL* to your website
For example: Include BRIEF description of your site. Less than 50 words
Any description longer than 50 words will have to be manually edited by us and will result in a long delay (months) in your link being added as an active link

Choose the category where you want your link to appear You can see the categories HERE

If your site only serves a small region, such as a local city, etc, this directory probably would not serve you very well. A site like google might serve you better in this case as we reach out across the world and people don't come to our site looking for specific information about ministries in their specific town. Someone in Russia probably isn't looking through our directory in search of your dance studio in Ohio, for example. They are probably looking for online instruction or international groups, etc.


Check the permanent listings here to ensure you haven't already submitted your site to us in the past.

If you have read the above and cannot agree to comply with the guidelines, please submit your link here: NO

If you have read the above and can agree to comply with the guidelines, please submit your link here: YES

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