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August 2008

I just wanted to thank you for your ministry.  More often than not, these quotes hit us right where we are in a particular situation in our life.  It's amazing to see how much it seems they are meant for us some days.  My husband is a pastor at a small church and it has been a rough year for us in the ministry.  Your quotes are always a source of encouragement, comfort, and reassurance of our faith and commitment to our Lord.


February 2, 2007

It's impossible to fully tell you how blessed I am quite often through these daily quotes in my INBOX.

...There have been times when a specific quote has spoken wisdom to me perhaps leading me a new direction, offering me a fresh perspective, or just generally calming me down and refocusing me on what's truly important.

Praise be to God not only for your willingness to offer this valuable service to "strangers" but also allowing God to reach so many people through your faithfulness.

May God bless you richly and help you reach even more people for Him.

Anyway... I DIDN'T know there were past quotes archived back, so thank you for letting me know. Isn't it a sad reality that costs, especially for such a obvious God sent blessing, never fail to increase?

Carl S

January 2007

Many thanks Katherine. Your quotes have been a real help to me on so many occasions. I live in England and am working full-time with little churches which are in real need of God's help to meet the needs of this generation ... it's a bit of a bleak set up in the rural areas of our land where so many preachers and ministers don't believe the Bible is God's word, or that people can or should live in relationship with God. Would value your prayers for us here.


December 2006

Your site is a godsend. Never have a found a site that is so encouraging and is so rooted in God's Word alone. Keep up the good work.


June 2006

In Our Spotlight: I Lift My Eyes Web Ministry

I Lift My Eyes Web Ministry is based upon Psalm 121 "I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help it comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth." The ministry can be found on the web at I Lift My Eyes Ministries

The ministries mission is varied focusing on prayer and helping all God’s children pray to Him. Their mission statement has four main tenants. The first is to provide teaching on prayer and intercession so that dedicated prayer warriors can see God move in the lives of others. Another support is through Christian inspirational writings, quotes and testimonies. Finally, the ministry provides resources for those with disabilities.

The site is full of uplifting support and encouragement with daily scriptures, an ezine, resources and prayer opportunities. The site has been richly blessed by the Lord!! The ministry began in 1996 with three web pages and the site is now over 490 pages. The pages are organized and categorized in a user friendly way to help you find inspiration and resources just exactly where you need it.

If you are seeking to strengthen your prayer life, needing information or inspiration, this is the place to visit. www.psalm121.ca is a blessing to all who visit.

Copyright 2006 by Michelle Blackmon

March 3, 2006

I was looking for some Bible verses on depression & came upon your website. What a gold-mine of help. Thank you so much!
Chaplain D.O USA Military

February 25, 2006


I will definitely check out how to donate. The quotes are remarkable really! They speak to me directly. ALWAYS. Always pertinent to what is happening in my life...right at that moment. God is amazing.

I look forward to reading them everyday. God bless you always.



February 2006:

Check it out, we were reviewed:
In the Spotlight Review

February 17, 2006

The following two notes are from members of the now defunct He is Faithful Chat. As the popularity of Christian chatrooms diminished and the quotes section and prayer section of the website took off, demanding much of my time, I had to make the heart-wrenching decision to close the chatroom in order to focus on new directions. These faithful friends to the ministry still are in my heart and keep in contact regularly, many praying for requests posted.

She is Faithful @HE is Faithful

I met a lady on the web one day.
I joined the many who came to chat away.
They all were so friendly and took me in.
At times chats were earnest, most made me grin.
Especially when the cyber pies would fly…
From a chatter named Grizmo…what a guy!
The lady kept a watchful eye on us
And bustled right in to settle a fuss.
She always was there with a helpful word,
Direct and to the best point I’ve ever heard.
Her website, by far, the most blessed place…
For fun, food, fellowship, or to seek GOD’s face!
She lists helpful sites and thoughts to ponder.
But wherever my mouse and keyboard wander…
I keep coming back to HIF for more,
Always finding more blessing there than before!


I believe I have had a part of I Lift Up my Eyes Ministry  for nearly 7 years now. Those have been very blest years  and I thank God often for connecting me to this ministry.

The chat room was fine and we had  a great time but the real heart of this ministry has always been the Prayer Pages and the materials that have been posted. Such as short lessons, the Word that has been written with commentaries and the ability to go into intercession with so many through the prayer boards. I have been truly blest by this ministry through prayers myself and I can indeed sense when the prayers of the warriors are being prayed.

The founder of this Ministry has poured her heart and finances into this site. I believe God would have us to begin to be part of the WAVES of blessing to the founder. As the Word says the founder has cast her bread upon the water and now here comes the waves. May your heart be filled with JOY and Do receive what God has coming your way!!!


February 16, 2006

Thank you so much for this ministry. i am preparing to leave the country for 5 months to serve the lord and have been struggling with so much fear. Your quotes have been a reminder from God as to his soverignity and complete control of my life.


January 19, 2006


Yes, these quotes have been a major blessing to me. I have been saving them online in a personal protected file (not sharing or distributing them with anyone) and I find myself referring back to them from time to time.

Each time, they give me hope, make me smile and bring Jesus somewhat closer and back into focus, alloing me some joy in a very hectic time in my life right now.

I would love to contribute, HOWEVER you may not realize I'm homeless right now and lack the stable funds to help you along. Please rest assured you're prayed fro and when I become more financially stable, you woould not be forgotten. I know this is little comfort now and will not help with the immediate bills for bandwidth etc... that I'm sure must be hard to manage.

I hope God will continue to meet your needs and bless you as richly as you bless others with such daily inspriation and joy through Jesus!

Words can't be said which can tell you how grateful I am for your unselfish dedication to helping myself and others.

Thanks for your time, your gift of eloquence and above all your faithfulness. May God reward and bless you for many years to come!

Peace & All Positive Things To You In Your Life Always!

C S 

December 4, 2005

I would like to get permission to read Katherine Walden's wonderful and inspiring poem, "The Blessed Night Of Two Hearts ", at our ladies Christmas dinner at church. Thank you

Dana J

November 2005

Dear Katherine,

Just I want to encourage you that the emails I get from you guys, just lefts me up without any doubt. For the last month, I have been encouraged and this caused that I would share the love of Christ with my fellow countryman.

I am an (nationality removed to protect his identity) living in (A Muslim Extremist Nation). Thanks for keeping this website and the emails running. Remember a few days ago there were few emails came at once. Believe me that all that six quotes were just what I needed that very day.

In His service,

Khalid A

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