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Christian Resource Listing
Christian Praise and Worship Resources.

  • Bible References to Praise Dancing and Worship

  • Ancient-Future worship Ancient-Future worship has depth, is participatory, and is passionate. It's not entertainment, not a show, not glitz, not performance. It's the real thing, authentic, genuine, challenging, God-directed worship.

  • An Audience of One An Audience of One is a worship ministry which exists solely for the purpose of serving God. The vision for the worship team : We play for An Audience of One, therefore allowing God to reach His people using us as avenues of ministry through prophetic word and song.

  • Azuza Music Production The music of Azuza is a Messianic "crossover" style that combines the rich roots of Messianic music with contemporary, rock, folk, jazz and blues to create a unique sound for praise and worship.

  • Christian Copyright Licensing International - CCLI CCLI encourages the spirit of worship through music. The Church Copyright License (offered in many countries around the world) enables churches to easily, affordably and legally copy music for congregational use. Before you decide to make overheads for your church, etc, check out this site.

  • Creative Worship Dance Resources Large organized listing of liturgical dance teams, praise and worship groups, videos, supplies and international and national dance associatins.

  • Experiencing Worship, The Study A Five Week Study of Biblical Worship

  • Family Worship Resources Family Worship Resources is a UK-based site from Ichthus Christian Fellowship, providing resources (songs, tapes, CD's and teaching materials) to help the whole church worship together.

  • Free Praise And Worship Worship leaders: We're working together with songwriters all over the world to build a comprehensive collection of music (Sheet Music, Chord Charts, Midi, RealAudio, Overheads) for praise and worship. All of the songs on this site are available for you to use in worship services. Also accepts song submissions.

  • FreeWorshipMusic.com Free. Usable Worship Music, Sheet Music, Legal MP3sfrom various worship songwriters.

  • Heart of Worship Welcome to heartofworship.com, our online resource for lead worshippers everywhere. Our vision through this website is to equip and encourage those involved in leading the people of God in worship through music. Heartofworship.com is all about 'inside-out' worship. A passion and reverence for God that burns on the inside, and cannot can't help but express itself externally too.

  • Heart Sounds International (HSI) is a volunteer fellowship of trained worship musicians and recording engineers committed to seeing God release the "heart worship" of people groups and churches. Our projects are linked to a variety of evangelical Christian mission agencies and churches.

  • The Hymns And Hymn Writers Of The Church An annotated edition of the Methodist hymnal - An early listing of hymn writers with brief biographies.

  • Hot Worship A portal to live online worship music and more. A resource for Worship Leaders and Worshippers

  • International Worship Institute is an accredited school of worship for all cultures, denominations and ages. Our purpose is to equip believers to encounter God's presence in the Biblical paradigm of music and emerging paradigms of worship.

  • Just Worship Justworship.com is dedicated to encouraging the Body of Christ world wide to have a passion for Jesus and to worship him in spirit and truth. Our goal is to convey that worship consists of more than outward expression but is also a way life.

  • Kim Gentes A website of music, thought, worship, community and technology with leader and writer, Kim Anthony Gentes. Check out Kim's very practical and very helpful full song videos that offer instruction and tips for worship leaders and musicians.

  • Lift up Your Hearts provides access to practical resources designed to enhance the worship and spiritual life of the Lutheran community and is offered as a contribution to the common life of the ecumenical church.

  • Liturgical Dance, Worship and Praise Dance Resources Includes instructional websites on the subject of dance and creative movement within a church setting. Also points to resources for Christian banners, veils, glory hoops, tambourines, tabrets and other tools used in Christian creative movement and dance.

  • Music Resources for today's Christian Worship Proven guitar and keyboard-based contemporary music for Christian worship in sheet music and MIDI format (either unpublished or not widely known), made available as efficiently and effectively as possible - that's the purpose of this site.

  • My One Desire New worship music tested in churches. Lead sheets, chord sheets, audio coming soon. Loved songs like "Here We Stand" and "My One Desire." All free.

  • Pastors Are From Mars, Worship Leaders Are From Venus Article.

  • Praise and Worship Music Chords, words and Music for popular worship music. I am not sure about the copyright infringements here, if this link is doing something illegal, please tell me and I will remove it from my listing

  • Praise Net! is to bring powerful and complete solutions to the Christian community, and provide accessible resources world wide which are dedicated to worship and praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Recent Rainfall Music: Original praise and worship - free mp3's. Check out our website for great songs like Declare Your Glory (from the March For Jesus celebration) Above the Heavens and Mercies of the Lord. All of our songs are available for free download and the lyrics and chords can be printed out for use in your church or your own worship time. Check them out and tell a friend!

  • Shiloh Worship Music Original Worship music, video,and art We Love Jesus, we are simple christian disciples of Jesus using our gifts to lavish our love and lives for Him. Our music is simple-most of these original songs are prayers to Jesus set to music. Jesus said, "freely you have received, freely give!"

  • Spirit Songs God is blessing North American Indian Christians with fresh and powerful music, exalting the Name of Jesus in Indian Country. Our hope is to collect the music that has come to us and to others with whom we worship and serve. Our desire is to make that music available to the Body of Christ in other parts of the nation and the world.

  • Vineyard Music On Line Find out what is happening in the vineyard praise and worship, check out the School of Worship, and much more.

  • Worship And Church Music is web site is developed and maintained by the Rev. Larry D. Ellis, Organist and Director of Music of Gabriel the Archangel Episcopal Church, Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, USA. My goal is to primarily serve the music ministry needs of the liturgical church musician as well as be a resource for non-liturgical musicians who wish to expand their knowledge and breadth to include some of the historical liturgical expressions of worship in their churches.

  • Worship Arts Conservatory Worship Arts Conservatory was commissioned in 1999 to establish an online learning community for worship ministers and Christian artists as they pursue a deeper knowledge of God while learning to use their art for His glory. We offer biblically based courses of study designed to further equip worship and art Ministries with the tools necessary to facilitate anointed and prophetic worship in local churches and Ministries throughout the world.

  • Worship Builders Our Mission To train and equip other music Ministries for service in the Body of Christ. To found or acquire, operate and maintain Christian education programs in music and evangelistic outreach. To provide musical materials for churches and other outreach Ministries for the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To assist churches and other Ministries in nurturing their own music Ministries, providing guidance and acceptance of new methods of evangelism.

  • Worship House Home page for the Christian Worship Community. New worship songs, discussion groups, chat, ministry tips, articles and much more.

  • Worship In Spirit And Truth Online article by Gayle Erwin

  • WorshipLand Musicians for Jesus

  • Worship Leader Worship Leader Magazine exists to serve the Body of Christ in the transformation of worshipping communities through the knowledge and practice of the sacred arts of worship and by the inspiration and encouragement of Jesus Christ, our Worship Leader.

  • Worship Leaders Home Page This web site is intended to be a resource to help worship leaders more effectively lead worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Worship Links

  • Worship music Printed music, CD's, software etc.

  • Worship Orders Message Forum for the specifically designed for Music Ministers, Worship Leaders and anyone interested in Church Music to exchange worship orders weekly. The list was created for those involved primarily in Blended and/or Contemporary Worship Styles, but all are welcome.

  • Worship Released God desires our worship. So often we are entangled and wrapped up with so many different things that stop us from worshipping the one who made us, loves us and who sent his own son to die for us. Worship Released aim to encourage, motivate and equip other Christians and those who arent to worship God.

  • Worship Resource Centre Resources for worship leaders and those interested in praise and worship.

  • Worship Resources for the Local Church The spirit is moving the church toward a convergence of all the traditions. This ancient-future worship draws from the Liturgical, the Reformed, the Evangelical, the Contemporary.

  • Worship Together Huge website full of helps, support, music and information for today's worship leader within a contemporary setting, reaching this present generation.

  • Worship Writer/ This is a list designed for writers of worship songs. We hope that it will enable sharing of ideas, critiques, recording tips. The focus should be on issues on writing, how-tos, sharing of links, and anything else that may come up in the area of writing for worship, and leading worship.

  • XStreamWorship Resources and Songs for Worship Worship resources, articles and songs available for download.

  • Your Christian Home Praise and Worship Archive Here you will find guitar chords & lyrics to your favourite praise and worship songs. The archive is constantly updated with the newest songs. If you have a song that this archive does not have, please consider helping us out by sending it to us! READ the fine print so you are not breaking copyright laws.

  • ZionFireFriends worship arts message board A community of worship arts ministers and supporters featuring teaching and discussions on banners, pageantry, dance, drama, and the Davidic worship of the Psalms. Biblically based articles and in depth discussions of the worship arts. Enjoy our resource links and many photographs of banners, flags and pageantry


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