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I Lift My Eyes Web Ministries - Edifying, encouraging and refreshing.

Christian Resource Listing
Christian Teen Resources

Youth Ministries (Teens and up)
Inspirational Bible Verses for Youth

Free Online Devotionals for Teens & Youth

Beauty By Design Beauty by Design Ministries is a ministry to girls and their moms.

Big Fat Toothbrush The title says it all. A VERY unique and youth orientated website by youth for youth.

ChallengePoint A ministry focused on teaching leadership and teamwork through adventure.

Christian Self-Help and Counseling Resources Links to helpful sites on the net for parents of troubled youth or children. Please note All the links on this page are not necessarily appropriate for children to view as they deal with sensitive issues.

ChiAlpha We are focused on transforming our world, locally and around the globe. We experience the supernatural. We work hard to learn from and join with international students. We strive to be multicultural. We see that faith and thinking are related.

Christian Service Brigade, and Girls Alive Christian Service Brigade, and Girls Alive are gender-specific Ministries, in which men and women in local churches win and develop children and youth to be leaders for Christ. These action packed, balanced programs based on the Word of God, provide purposeful action, meaningful achievement progress, group dynamics, leadership development and opportunities for Christian service.

Christian Teens Ministry : Not the Same Old, Done-it-before Youth Meetings A website of activities for Christian teens that are fun, promote lasting Christian friendships and shares the gospel message of faith in Jesus Christ.

Confrontation Point We provide mission trips and outdoor adventure trips for Christian groups in the mountains of Southern Appalachia.

Creative Youth Ideas Creative Youth ideas: Resources for youth leaders, pastors, ministers to help plan camps, retreats, and meetings using games, illustrations, Children's Worship, Bible Studies, curriculum, creative ideas,creative activities, etc.

Curt's Christian Resources for Youth Ministry Need help in Bible verse memorization or study, teaching teens in a Christian youth group, or finding Christian study.

Dance For Life Dance For Life promotes safe, fun and inspirational activities by immersing youth in dance, fitness and nutrition education.

Dare2Share Mission: To Energize a Generation To Evangelize the World! Vision: To train 1,000,000 teens to clearly and confidently share their faith and to establish 30,000 evangelism teams (e-teams) nationwide by the end of 2010.

(The) Doctor is In Good articles to get you to think about God, your world and the future.

Egad!Ideas A huge collection of free games, activities and ideas for those who work with today's youth. All of these ideas have been tried and tested by those currently working in youth ministry so you can be assured that you will only find quality, timeless ideas that you and your youth will enjoy.

Encouraging Quotes Inspirational and Motivational Quotes sure to inspire youth and young adults.

Every School The ultimate purpose of the Everyschool.com strategy is to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to every teenager in America.

Games For Youth Groups 1000 Games with zero to little complexity and resources for group sessions, school fetes, or holiday camps.

International Coalition of Youth For Christ Scott Michael Ringo resides in Florida and is the author of "Generations" an online community that empowers youth and equips the younger generations to be all God designed them to be. To join the thousands of readers of "Generations" Michael lives to empower and equip generations with the tools and abilities needed to fulfill the call that God has on their lives.

Jesus Freaks This is a Site run by a teen for teens. Its sole intention is to share the Word our Lord Jesus Christ gave to us! JesusFreaks forever!

Kathy and the Crazy Tie Guy: Kathy and Nathan Dorrell are Christian jugglers who share the gospel using their juggling, art and story-telling skills. Nathan is an evangelist and world champion juggler.

Life 2 The Max An award winning evangelistic youth site with chat, ringtones, sms text messaging, forums, downloads, lifestyle flash presentations, agony aunts etc.

Miles Ahead Miles McPherson, former NFLer has an effective and exciting ministry relevant to today's youth. Seeks to deliver a message of hope to inner-city youth by educating, liberating and motivating. Presentation on anti-drugs, abstinence, etc. are presented at junior and senior high schools around the nation. Has also designed "My Brother's Keeper" which is a church to school mentorship program. Also produced video and comic book educational materials on sexual abstinence, etc.

My Canada Motivated Young People For A Strong Canada. MY CANADA is faith based but nondenominational, we are a group of young leaders in Canada from many Christian perspectives that have a heart to walk in unity for a greater purpose: Seeing the Dominion of Canada make choices which will lead to a strong Canada for generations to come (our generation and our childrens').

(The) Palace Keepers Welcome to The Palace Keepers. We are a group that believes one should keep their physical bodies pure according to God's written Word, but what is more is that we also are keeping an oath to protect and guard the ultimate temple and palace: our hearts! Following Christ and being a Christ-like example means allowing the Lord Jesus Christ to dictate every aspect of our lives. Especially the struggle of being clean and pure. The Lord cares deeply about our physical condition, but just as important, He cares about who we give away our emotional purity to. Why are many young people being led away from God's hands and into physical sin? We have the answer according to what the Lord has revealed: It starts with what is in your heart

Passageway Passageway.org exists to ignite fervor for Christ and to give hope and direction for walking the path of faith together.

Praying for the Prodigal Do you know a loved one, husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, child or friend who once walked with Christ and has drifted away? This article gives excellent tips on praying and believing for the prodigals as they return to the Father.

Pssst.. Heard Any Good Gossip Lately? A great article that will encourage you to speak positively about others, to their face and behind their backs. This teaching also includes bible verses that warn against gossip and bad-mouthing others.

Quiet Thunder Using fresh eye catching graphics and an intense message, this site will appeal to both Christian and non-Christians who want to deepen their walk with God.

Real Teens, Real Faith I dare to believe that God is relevant. He's not afraid of the tough stuff. God can reach anyone, anywhere, at any time -- no matter what. You are never too far from the love of God.

See You at the Pole Join with thousands of Christian Youth, world wide, as they pray and intercede for their country, their city, and their school.

Short Term Missions Great Mission (Short term and long term outreach) opportunities for youth.

Sloopynoodle.com Upbeat, colourful, right to the point, youth orientated and youth culture reaching website.

Skits, Drama and Mime Resources

Teach Us to Pray. Free coloring pages and take home parenting guides on prayer for Sunday School teachers, VBSor parents and grandparents.

Teen Challenge An excellent program for troubled youth that has an incredible success rate, turning lives that were headed for major destruction, into powerhouses for Christ. If you are a young person looking for a way out, check this site.

Teens quest (TQ) Teen quest is a youth mission reaching a world of teenagers for Jesus Christ from Western Pennsylvania. Our locations include - The Teen quest Ranch and national headquarters and the Laurel Wilds classic camp facility both located in Somerset, Pennsylvania. The executive directors of the ministry Mark & Debbi Witt have dedicated their lives to youth. It was their vision in 1976 that brought Teen quest into existence. Teen Quest's mission is threefold. We are focused on Evangelism - winning teenagers for Christ, Discipleship - building them in the faith, and Missions - sending them into the world to share the good news with others. Since it's beginning in 1976 Teen quest has been doing just that.

The Source for Youth Ministry Jonathan McKee, known in the late 90's for starting the youth ministry resource web site jonathansresources.com, started a non-profit organization called "The Source for Youth Ministry." The Source for Youth Ministry is dedicated to bringing cutting edge resources to youth workers today.

Word-On-The-Web Free Bible readings and notes daily by email (or online) for young people

Why Faith-Based Schools If you're interested in attending college and maintaining your Christian faith, you should consider attending a faith-based school. Visit our website for more information on the benefits and rewards of attending a faith-based college.


Youth Devotions Daily and Weekly Devotionals for Youth and Kids

Youth Games A site full of ideas and games for Youth Groups

Youth Pastor and Minister Resources

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